What is Best for You?

Attending grad school? Pursuing a law degree? Entrepreneurship? Working abroad? A creative career? Freelancing? A corporate job? Work from home? Studying the word of God? More time with nature? A physical fitness program? A community of like-minded individuals?

There are so many choices in life. So many choices that we end up incredibly perplexed.

How many times your parents told you that a stable corporate job is the best path? How many times you heard business coaches talking about entrepreneurship the only road to success?

And how many times you told yourself that you should follow what others are doing so you’ll not get behind, you’ll not feel lonely, and you’ll not miss the opportunity?

Some of my friends told me that money is the most important thing and we should do everything to get rich. Because that is happiness and success. Because that is when we can help people. Because that’s all that matters…

Maybe they’re right. But I want to know why I have to sacrifice the things I love to get rich. I want to know why I should give up quality time with my loved ones in exchange for a paycheck. I couldn’t find the answer yet. Sorry.

Because here’s the painful truth: Nobody knows what’s really best for everyone.

Nobody — not even our parents, or relatives, or college professors, or the self-improvement mentors. We all have different desires, different aspirations. If one thing is best for a group of people doesn’t automatically mean the best thing for you.

Sure, it’s better to ask others’ opinions and try to see the lens they’re viewing and consider the things we haven’t pondered. But again, they too are just like everyone else — confused and sometimes pretending okay and sometimes struggling to make the best decisions.

Nobody knows what lies ahead. In this life, it’s only you who gets to decide the thing you believe is best for you. Because at the end the of the day, it’s only you and your decision matters. Nothing else.

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Jade Panugan

Some interesting questions about life and human behavior: What if there's no money? Why we often feel the urge to prove that we're right and others are wrong? Why we react to things beyond our control? Why we hate? Why it's hard to be content? I don't have all the answers, do you? Let's chat.