Hi. I’m Jade Panugan.

Craftdeology is an archive of my curiosities and insights on how to live.

This is the canvas where I write to understand, challenge different ideas and perspectives, reflect, and explore human behavior and the way life works.

My work tries to answer the questions:

  • What is and how to live a good life?
  • How can we better understand the world and ourselves?

I don’t have all the answers. And I don’t intend to answer everything. Life is a mystery. Our existence is a miracle.

But I’m willing to share everything I’ve learned hoping it may help people in some way.

From time to time, I also write about my journey to mastering my craft — music and writing — and all the self-improvement practices I’ve been working on.

If you’re intrigued how I started, read here.

But if you’re already bored and want to start exploring, dive here.

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