There Are More Interesting Things Outside Your Work

Many were devastated when their workplaces shut down temporarily. They were furious and anxious. I wasn’t surprised. Of course, they need money. Their loved ones depend on them. What’s surprising was when they said that they felt empty, restless, and bored (despite the fact that they’re healthy, they still have enough money, and they have … Continue Reading →


Every Tiny Progress Counts

If you’re starting to learn a craft, you don’t have to become a master right away. You don’t have to be like Mozart or Picasso or J.K. Rowling. If it’s a music instrument, learning one or two chords and playing them properly in a day is enough. If it’s writing, one paragraph (or even one … Continue Reading →


Why I Don’t Own a Smartphone

People often ask me about this. So here’s my answer. First, let’s be clear: Nothing’s wrong with smartphones. I have nothing against them. Truth is, I often use my wife’s smartphone camera to document our travels or do a quick Google search. Other than that, my laptop and iPad handle all my digital activities — … Continue Reading →


19 Reminders for Myself to Help Me Live a Fulfilled Life (Maybe You Can Try it)

1. More actions, less consumption. Too much information is pointless if it doesn’t add value to your life (and the people around you). Living is not about consuming. Strike a balance. 2. Believe but don’t fully subscribe. Just because an ideology seems helpful doesn’t mean it’s always right. Extract what’s only useful to you. Let … Continue Reading →


Snow Inside a Shot Glass, Flew Across the Pacific

I wasn’t serious about it. Everyone in the team wasn’t serious. But man, it happened. Just like that. Whoosh! Bits of snowpack were shoveled into a shot glass — 9 shot glasses each sealed with wax, transported from Utah to Palawan, Philippines. That’s 7,771 miles, in case you’re too lazy to Google. Let me repeat … Continue Reading →


So You Want to Escape the Pandemic? Let’s Time Travel

I understand how you feel about the pandemic crisis, and how you hated some people for being a dumbass. And maybe the worst part is that life has become boring as hell. You can’t hang out with your friends. You can’t go to the places you wanted. Not to mention your worries are over the … Continue Reading →


Pandemic Crisis: When Criticizing Becomes a Priority

So you’re mad because of their opinions about the government. You’re mad because they didn’t understand what the authorities advised. You’re mad because it’s clear to you that they are dumb. And yeah, because you believe you’re right. And you’re a better individual. Right? Maybe. But you should also consider other reasons. Maybe you are … Continue Reading →


The Internet is Made of People — Connect

This pandemic lockdown has turned me into a chat person. I’ve now connected more with people on Facebook than last year combined. Which is weird because I don’t encourage people chatting through Facebook. It feels inauthentic. And I kind of dislike scrolling because it makes me unproductive (and unhappy), well, sometimes. But now, here I … Continue Reading →