The Instant Happiness Pill?

People go to great lengths to accumulate more money, thinking it would lead to a happy life. In reality though, they end up disappointed. Because even though money can make life easier and more comfortable, and give us some sort of freedom, it doesn’t always give us the happiness we truly want. I think the … Continue Reading →


Share Your Ideas

Don’t hide them under your bed. Don’t lock them in your closet. And most importantly, don’t just ignore them. These ideas may not be the panacea for world problems, or the million-dollar businesses every budding entrepreneurs would dream of, but who knows… who knows they might make somebody’s life a little bit better. They might … Continue Reading →


Try to Be Less Judgmental

Sometimes I feel like a fraud. Writing stories and sharing the lessons I’ve learned put me in a position that I’m an expert of “this” and expert of “that”, though in reality I’m just a confused human being trying to figure out what it means to live a meaningful life. And guess what, I’m still … Continue Reading →


The World Doesn’t Always Work Your Way

Our brains are hardwired to seek comfort and easy. We want everything to happen the way we want it to be — fast and smooth. But life, as we all know, doesn’t work like that. Truth is, not everything we planned or imagined will come to fruition. There are things beyond our control. And some … Continue Reading →


Get Some Perspective

When you get mad at your loved ones because they haven’t met your expectations… Or when you complain how slow your Internet is, or how toxic your workplace is, or how poor the customer service at your favorite restaurant is… It could mean that you lose perspective. Think about it for a second. What if … Continue Reading →


To Live a Peaceful Life, Ignore Others’ Drama

His text messages were so negative. He blamed me that I was responsible for what happened. I could have replied defending my side, and insist that it’s not my fault. Yet, I remained silent. (Yes I know what you’re thinking.) It was frustrating. Very frustrating. But I did try my best. I moved on and … Continue Reading →


Isn’t it a Miracle That We’re Still Alive?

Last August 20, something scary happened — I turned 30! As I look back, I realized a lot of (good) things in the past decade. I’ve been fortunate. I landed a cool job, wrote music and performed in many places, got married, travelled, made new friends, started this blog and another blog, and many good … Continue Reading →


What is Meaningful to You?

When we were kids, we wanted to become astronauts, professional basketball players, great musicians, or actors and actresses so we can be the stars in our own movies. But when we reach our 20s, most of us — although some still hold on to their dreams — realize that achieving our wildest childhood/teenage dreams isn’t … Continue Reading →