Brain Scans to Solve World Problems?

Our behaviors are not the problem — it’s an expression of the problem. I remember watching this video a few years ago. But I totally forget about it. Which I regret. If you’ve watched it, then you know what I mean: Our brains can be changed. And when we change our brains, we change our … Continue Reading →


The Seeker and The Righteous

Some people want to be always right. When someone does things they think are wrong, they’d feel the urge to correct them. They would share their thoughts about right vs wrong. For them, it’s their mission to bring these people back to the right path. Because who wants to be on the wrong path? These … Continue Reading →


17 Books and 198 Blog Posts Read in 2019

Last 2019, I opened 17 books and finished the 11. This was much lesser than last 2018. But that’s because I tried a lot of new things last year. More action, less consumption (and I’m doubling the action this year). I also discovered the importance of rereading. So I shuffled around 20 plus books (that … Continue Reading →


The Participants of Chaos

1. The person who creates chaos. 2. The person who reacts to the person who created the chaos. 3. The platform serving the two participants. That’s what’s happening on Facebook and Twitter. One person posts or tweets something negative, and people react to it. Comments. Shares. Retweets. The result is a compounding chaos. Unfortunately, the … Continue Reading →


There Are More Interesting Things Outside Your Work

Many were devastated when their workplaces shut down temporarily. They were furious and anxious. I wasn’t surprised. Of course, they need money. Their loved ones depend on them. What’s surprising was when they said that they felt empty, restless, and bored (despite the fact that they’re healthy, they still have enough money, and they have … Continue Reading →


Every Tiny Progress Counts

If you’re starting to learn a craft, you don’t have to become a master right away. You don’t have to be like Mozart or Picasso or J.K. Rowling. If it’s a music instrument, learning one or two chords and playing them properly in a day is enough. If it’s writing, one paragraph (or even one … Continue Reading →


Why I Don’t Own a Smartphone

People often ask me about this. So here’s my answer. First, let’s be clear: Nothing’s wrong with smartphones. I have nothing against them. Truth is, I often use my wife’s smartphone camera to document our travels or do a quick Google search. Other than that, my laptop and iPad handle all my digital activities — … Continue Reading →


19 Reminders for Myself to Help Me Live a Fulfilled Life (Maybe You Can Try it)

1. More actions, less consumption. Too much information is pointless if it doesn’t add value to your life (and the people around you). Living is not about consuming. Strike a balance. 2. Believe but don’t fully subscribe. Just because an ideology seems helpful doesn’t mean it’s always right. Extract what’s only useful to you. Let … Continue Reading →