Overwhelmed and Paralyzed

The things to do keep piling up. Your mind is racing. Emotions all over the place. But you’re not getting anywhere. You can’t focus. Can’t even start. You are overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed is like being paralyzed. You want to move, but for some reason, you can’t. And you don’t have any idea what’s going on. … Continue Reading →


Face the Truth

The truth is the truth. It is undeniable. What you see and hear. In front of you. The truth doesn’t fool you. It is real. It is the thing. It is what’s happening. Without the sugarcoat. Without the labels. In front of you. No matter how many interpretations you have, the truth remains. You can … Continue Reading →


Multiple Threads

The mind is an open blank space. It wanders. Speculates. Analyzes. Creates. Absorbs. Thoughts come and go. Sometimes it stores what is needed. But for the most part, it discards. It forgets things that don’t matter yet. If you aim to be efficient at anything, you can’t just absorb everything that comes your way. Instead, … Continue Reading →


External Approval

Seeking external approval is human nature. When others recognize our good work, we felt seen. So we do our best to stay in that loop. After all, we did a really good job. We deserve praise once in a while. But there’s one problem: It’s addictive. And this addiction — as with other addictions — could … Continue Reading →


10 Lessons From Our 3rd Company Trip (2022)

I had to pack everything for our 8 AM flight. Make sure everything was in order. Everything we needed was in the right place. And the house was secure. Everything. 3 AM. Exhausted. Drained. I told my family to wake up before 6. Move fast. Get ready. I needed sleep. . . . “WE MISSED … Continue Reading →


Teaching and Becoming

It’s easy to teach others through words. Examples. Demonstrations. Presentations. Depending on the person, sometimes it works. But sometimes it doesn’t. The reason is that we all learn differently. Others can easily learn through words, or when someone shows them something. But for others, it’s just a complete waste of time. If you’re teaching someone … Continue Reading →


Not Knowing

Whenever someone posts their accomplishments on social media, you can’t help but admire (or envy) what they did. But that doesn’t mean you must experience the same thing. Accomplishments are subjective. Maybe good for them. Not for you. What they accomplished is probably what they’re most passionate about. Or it could be what they’ve been … Continue Reading →


What is Good About This?

A big mistake at work. And now suffering from your boss’s wrath. Ashamed. Worried about the consequences. Because there will be. A bad business deal with someone. And lost a ton of money. Not mentioning the debts and the bills you need to pay. Plus, you need to explain this to your family. You didn’t … Continue Reading →


(Total) Freedom

The life we all dream of is total freedom. We only do things if we want to. Go to places we need (or want) to go. Wake up at whatever hour we want. Spend time with our loved ones whenever we want. We don’t work for money. We don’t have a boss. And most importantly, we … Continue Reading →


One Experience, Multiple Meanings

A good experience for you may mean bad for your friend. And a good experience for your friend or any stranger on the Internet may mean nothing to you at all. Here’s the truth: We all make meanings and interpretations of our experiences. If it’s a good experience, that’s awesome! What if it’s bad? If … Continue Reading →