That’s the Only Way

Anything could go wrong. Anything is uncertain. Nothing is perfect. It will never be. Pain and suffering are part of life. It’s impossible without them. It’s challenging. Stressful. Frustrating. And that’s the only way. The. Only. Way. If you often expect things to go that way… and you’ve trained and prepared yourself for it… You … Continue Reading →


Luck? Universe? God?

I’ve heard it many times. People who attribute their success to luck, the universe, or god. “I got lucky!” “The universe made it happen!” “It’s God’s will!” For those who attribute their success to “luck”, I feel like they were just surprised. No expectations. They’re the right person at the right time. But I also … Continue Reading →


Shit Happens, Take Care of Yourself

Many things are beyond your control. No matter how hard you try to make things happen, no matter how careful or calculated you are, there are forces at play that you’ll never predict. There’s no guarantee. That’s reality. And that’s the reason lessons come only after a bad experience. Bad experiences could be avoided sometimes … Continue Reading →


How to (Truly) Live

The house you live in. The neighborhood. The people you love. Even the job or business that stresses you out. Today could be the last day. That you’ll experience them, see them, or benefit from them. It’s the truth that nobody wants to talk about. Because it’s scary. Unimaginable. But nothing in this world is … Continue Reading →


Superhuman Belief: The Story of Roger Bannister

On May 6th, 1954, Roger Bannister became a household name. He ran a mile in 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds! But why is it such a big deal? Because at that time, everyone believed that running under a 4-minute mile was impossible. Experts claimed that the human body wasn’t built for that due to some … Continue Reading →


The Best Days

Years ago, I thought my life was dull. Ordinary. Plain boring. So I always say to myself that someday I will do great things. And so I did. Lots and lots of it. I admit that sometimes I still wish for more though. I mean who doesn’t want more abundance? More opportunities? More greater things? … Continue Reading →



The common advice is “Know the things that matter to you and focus on them. Ignore the rest.” While I like the directness of it, for some people it can be vague. So they tend to follow others. But we all know that following others isn’t always the best approach. Eventually it will backfire. Because … Continue Reading →


Come Home to Yourself

The first step to finding clarity is to be alone. Sit in silence and listen to your thoughts. Block all the noise. Don’t consume any information. Just listen to your inner voice. What is it saying? What is it screaming? Sometimes you’ll find most of these thoughts to be negative at first. The mind is … Continue Reading →


Symptoms, Problems, and Fears

Most of our unwanted behaviors are symptoms of a problem. Procrastination is a symptom. Fear of failing is the problem. Avoiding exercise is a symptom. Fear of losing time is the problem. Not responding to important messages is a symptom. Fear of saying the wrong thing is the problem. Addiction to anything is a symptom. … Continue Reading →


Stuck Again

You’re still stuck. Because you haven’t fully changed. You’re still operating with your old behavior patterns. But you never notice it. The solution is to force yourself to do new things. Things that are uncomfortable yet beneficial. Things you used to fear. Do them every day and you’ll see how much they consume your time … Continue Reading →


Eliminate and Focus

When we set a goal, our minds default to thinking we need something new to accomplish it. If it’s not new, then more. But those things rarely help. The real solution is to eliminate distractions. A distraction could be anything that robs our focus. I don’t mean a good Netflix show or playing video games … Continue Reading →


Trying to Impress, Trying to Prove

The most invaluable poem I discovered last year. It speaks a lot about human nature — the things that most of us do without any clear reason. Nothing’s wrong with these things. But they can be destructive in the long run. You don’t have to believe me. Explore yourself. Question your behavior. Thanks to Gabriele … Continue Reading →


Your Life is What You Tolerate

If you tolerate living in a disorganized or shabby house… If you tolerate the addiction or irresponsibility of your spouse… If you tolerate the financial mismanagement of your parents (or your adult kids)… If you tolerate being around negative toxic people… If you tolerate being scammed and cheated… If you tolerate someone’s unethical treatment of … Continue Reading →


Self-care is Free

Self-care is taking care of your overall well-being — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. And it’s always possible. Always realistic. Always within your control. No need to spend on anything (most of the time). All you need to do is make a list of the things that are good for you. Things that spark joy … Continue Reading →


When Things Go Wrong

That is the time to test yourself. The time to verify whether you’ve learned from your experiences. All the self-improvement books, podcasts, and videos you’ve consumed are useless if you can’t practice them in real life. What’s the point? Self-improvement requires awful experiences. These awful experiences are opportunities to test possibilities — what you’re willing … Continue Reading →