Face the Truth

The truth is the truth.

It is undeniable. What you see and hear. In front of you.

The truth doesn’t fool you.

It is real. It is the thing. It is what’s happening. Without the sugarcoat. Without the labels. In front of you.

No matter how many interpretations you have, the truth remains.

You can interpret a woman delivering a baby as a “blessing”.

But you can’t change the truth that there’s this woman suffering pain to deliver a baby. That’s the truth.

You can interpret not having money as God’s punishment.

But you can’t change the truth that you — an adult person — don’t have money because of you. That’s the truth.

The words can be tricky. Sentences can be deceiving. The meaning behind something then becomes distorted.

For someone seeking the truth, individual interpretations aren’t reliable.

You may love your spouse despite his or her flaws.

But you can’t change the truth that their flaws are troubling you.

The problem is not about what’s true or not.

The problem is we don’t want to face the truth.

Deep inside, we know what’s true. We just don’t want to face it. So we create different versions. We sugarcoat. We make interpretations based on what we want to believe.

And this is the root cause of many unwanted problems.

Problems that could have been prevented.

What is the truth?

The truth is the only thing that exists. In front of you.