Protect Yourself First

People will always demand something from you — time, money, attention, etc.

Our tendency to give (or ask for) everything is so strong we forget our limitations.

But resources are finite.

Creating a strong boundary is a must.

Learn to say “No.” “Enough”.

Otherwise, you’ll never achieve what you’re meant to achieve while you’re still alive. Your life will be full of excuses. Always living up to people’s expectations. Deceived. Controlled. Abused.

Creating and clearly defining a boundary is not selfishness — it’s actually self-love. It’s what you need to protect your overall well-being. To stay sane.

Because if you don’t protect yourself first, how can you better serve the people you love in the long run?

You can’t save anyone if you’re already drowning.

Instead, get out of the water first. Then rescue your loved ones (if you have to).