(Total) Freedom

The life we all dream of is total freedom.

We only do things if we want to. Go to places we need (or want) to go. Wake up at whatever hour we want. Spend time with our loved ones whenever we want.

We don’t work for money. We don’t have a boss.

And most importantly, we don’t do what society expects from us — no obligations and no attachments to anything whatsoever.

In other words, we only do things that truly matter to us. Interests, passions, curiosities.

Those who think they don’t like that probably haven’t really thought about it yet. Probably still living with their parents. Or born wealthy. Or if they have, they are just in denial.

More likely, conditioned to think that it’s OK to live a life tied to a workplace, organization, or a boss (worse, a mean boss) for the rest of their lives. Conditioned to think that freedom is not for everyone.

Think about it. There’s no life outside your life right now. This is all you’ve got.

How you spend your life every single day… well, that’s your life.

If you’re not aiming for total freedom, you’re not doing yourself a favor.

It may sound ridiculous to you… delusional and impossible! (Keep laughing.)

Fifty years ago, you’re probably right. But that’s 50 fucking years. Things have changed.

Now it’s totally possible.

How to achieve total freedom?

First step: Believe it’s possible.

Believing is the most important thing you need at first. If you don’t believe it, you’ll never achieve it.

The next step is quite tricky. Because there’s no exact method for everyone. From here, you’ll have to figure it out yourself.

It’s disappointing. But it’s the truth. Because if there’s an exact method to achieve it, I’m not writing this anymore. And you’re not here reading this.

You can find a lot of people sharing their freedom stories and principles out there.

They call it financial freedom, early retirement, the new rich, etc.

Learn from them. But don’t follow everything. Everyone’s life is different. What works for them may not work for you. Their lessons are a starting point.

I can’t teach you anything. I’m not there yet.

But if I did it… of course it’ll be a secret. 🙂

PS: Interestingly enough, some of those who made it are now in pursuit of a different version of freedom — Freedom from the mind. That’s why pursuing “total freedom” is not actually total freedom. You’re not completely free. But that is for another post.