Your Own World is Not Real

Your desires. Your aspirations. Your preferences.

They are not purely intentional. At some point, someone instilled them in you.

Could be your family or friends. Or school teachers, classmates, workmates, neighbors, or even strangers. Anyone.

Whatever you read, watch, or hear — anything you put in your mind, thanks to the Internet — can become one of the building blocks of your own little world. Yes without you knowing.

It is the world where you develop your own version of reality. The world where you see things the way you want them to be.

However, your own little world is not the reality. Your own little world is, by itself, biased and flawed.

Nothing’s wrong with the world that you created.

But if it muddles your judgment on how to navigate the real world, that’s when things start to mess up.

To make good decisions in real life, let go of any preconceived beliefs.

Let go of the world that you created. And try to see the reality for what it is.