What to Learn From People We Don’t Like

It is to never, ever become like them. Sorry. Let me explain. I’ve been hesitating to write this, but finally decided give it a shot. As you may already know, I started Humans Unite together with some friends in hopes of spreading message about the importance of love, peace, and unity. My belief is that, … Continue Reading →


Stop Fantasizing About the Results, Instead Focus on the Real Work

Whatever definition we have about success, one thing is always certain: Success is a byproduct of putting in the work. In my case, the success in my music journey is the result of my hours practicing the guitar, rehearsing with the band, writing music and doing anything to promote it, and on and on. That’s … Continue Reading →


It’s Okay to Change What You Think or Believe

Two of my favorite thinkers/writers Charles Chu (The Polymath Project) and Zat Rana (Design Luck) surprisingly admitted that they’ve written many things they now disagree with. Now that made me introspect. Because just like these guys, I too, notice that there are many things I’ve written that now contradict my present worldview. It’s embarrassing in … Continue Reading →


Will it Still Matter Next Month?

Imagine this scenario: A drunk guy sneers at you in the bar and you’re offended. Now that’s an issue. I’d suspect you’ll get very, very furious. Because… how could he do that? Shit. When this kind of issue arises, our default reaction is to rage and confront our opponents, often through aggressive means. We are unstoppable. We … Continue Reading →


You Will Die

Yes, it’s scary but it’s the truth. You will die. That man you hate for breaking your heart, yes, he will die too. That boss who puts a lot of pressure in your job, she will die as well. And what about the person you love. The teacher you admire. The celebrity you follow… and … Continue Reading →


Beware of Fake People

I know a few people who give advice on how to be successful and rich, and yet in real life they’re the ones who really feel failure deep inside. And what about people who share tips on how to be happy (they post it on Facebook), and yet in real life they’re lonely as hell? … Continue Reading →


Rewire Your Brain

The computer technician hobbled on crutches. No way… can he really repair the computer? Forgive me. I was in college that time (20 years old?), and was a judgmental asshole. But as soon as I observed him tinker the broken desktop, I could say he’s legit. Then said he needed to rewire the motherboard, because some … Continue Reading →


Sometimes Your Opinion is Totally Irrelevant to Reality

Most of us think that our opinions really matter. We spend hours (probably days) proving we’re right, others are wrong. Because yes, our opinions are the best. Our opinions are the only way. Our opinions must be followed. Here’s the sad truth though:  Most of our opinions are totally irrelevant to reality. Reality doesn’t care … Continue Reading →