A “Not So Good” Decision

Some days I spend more time alone thinking about life. I love life. I love that we’re mortals and we don’t know the future. I love that we all want to save someone’s life, especially our loved ones. As much as I love life, there are things I kind of hate, too. Like people hurting … Continue Reading →


Life is Unpredictable, Yet We Chase Security and Stability

To secure the future of his daughter and help his family, he decided to work overseas. It’s a sacrifice. He’s my old friend. I miss him. … A relative confessed that she envy the mid-twenties with stable jobs. She’s in her late twenties and a single mom. All she wanted is to have a stable … Continue Reading →


3 Lessons I Learned From a 72 Year Old Japanese Marine Engineer

Junichiro Abe has been working as a seaman for 50 years. That’s right. 50 YEARS! I can only imagine his dedication and love for his work. Not everyone can do that. My father, too, has been a seaman for nearly 30 years (he was the reason I met Mr. Abe). He told me that his … Continue Reading →


Thank You, Life

Thank you for providing everything I need. Thank you for the adversities. They mold me into a better person. Thank you for the mysteries — they make my days interesting. Thank you for the people who are always there to support, help, and love me. Thank you for the opportunities. Thank you for my employer … Continue Reading →


In 352 Words, Here’s What I’ve Learned in Life

1. Our ego makes us stupid. 2. We know nobody’s perfect, but we get mad at someone who does wrong things. 3. Most people don’t truly understand themselves. And they don’t even bother to understand. 4. Most poor people only want one thing— to get rich. Most rich people only want one thing — to get richer. 5. Spending all our waking … Continue Reading →


The Most Misleading “Advice” From Our Parents

After college, our parents expect us to land a job and then earn money — decent money: “Graduate college. Land a great job so you can buy a car and own a house and have a great family. And then, save for retirement.” I get it. They want us safe and have a better life. … Continue Reading →


You Always Criticize Their Content, Why?

He wrote a blog post and share it on Facebook. People criticize him for his worldview. He made a vlog and share it on Facebook. People, again, criticize his worldview. And the funny thing is that, these people who love to criticize are those who haven’t created anything meaningful. They don’t have creations to share. … Continue Reading →


But I Am Not Jesus Christ

A group of kids laughed. I had no idea until one of them shouted, “Jesus Christ!” Oh, it was my face. I tried to smile. And it wasn’t the first time. Last year, an audience screamed, “Jesus Christ!” while I was on stage playing with a band. Again, I smiled. Do I have a choice? … Continue Reading →