A Reminder to People Planning to Start a Creative Project

I can’t imagine life without a creative project — an art or anything that requires creating. If you don’t have one, I suggest you start your own. I believe that it’s something we should experience at some point in life. As the poet Dejan Stojanovic once said, “Creating means living.”  I love that. But let’s say you … Continue Reading →


Should We Tell Them Everything? Some People Want Easy to Understand Answers

I play in two bands: Jonah and Remnants of Catacombs (ROC). The interesting part is when people — strangers or relatives who just learned that I play in a band — ask what my band name is. What should I say? In most cases though, my answer is Jonah. When they asked about the meaning … Continue Reading →


Consuming Mainstream Media: The Side Effect and Why It Makes Me Feel Like Shit

For the past 3 years, these are the things I intentionally consume on a regular basis: Content from my favorite writers/thinkers (they are my heroes) Point of views from different people (during conversations) Podcasts or interviews from people I admire TED talks or any didactic videos Books/Blogs Documentaries Movies with superb storytelling (or anything that … Continue Reading →


30 Important Questions to Ask Yourself if You Want to Live a Good Life

I have a habit of asking myself questions every now and then. Why? Because I want to determine whether or not I’m living the life I want to live. And it works. There are three things that usually happen every time I ask myself questions: I start to think clearly. I explore different point of … Continue Reading →


How Can We Add More Years to our Lives? Maybe 5 Years More

The best way to add more years to our lives is to stop spending time on trivial matters or things that don’t give us purpose and meaning. And instead, focus more on things that truly matter to us. Now, don’t get me wrong. I understand how hard it is to focus on the things that … Continue Reading →


Your Happiness Or Other People’s Happiness? (Try The Middle Path)

When making big decisions in life, we often end up with two paths to choose: For our happiness For others’ happiness But it’s confusing. If we choose our own happiness, people may think we’re self-centered. And if we choose the other way, ah, who knows what’s gonna happen. And because we are so confused, we … Continue Reading →


You Have a Power, And That is to Take Full Responsibility

You can argue all day about who ought to rule our nation. Or how people should treat you. Or who ought to give you opportunities. Or how your parents should raise you. But in the end, nothing will have changed. You’re still jobless. You’re still in debt. You’re still brokenhearted and lonely and stupid. Rather … Continue Reading →


A Practical Guide to Solving Life Problems (So Here’s What I Did)

I wanted to forget all my problems. All of them. I keep telling myself, “If only I have more money, if only I am smarter, if only I can write better, if only mother and father are together, if only I have all the tools I need, if only I can shred the guitar insanely.” … Continue Reading →