Drop Your Excuses: Get Inspired or Be an Inspiration

He told me it’s the one thing he really love to do. So he learned how to program and record his own metal songs. Now he has released quite enough music to hook my ears. Truth is, he would love to have a band, but because of the busy schedules, he decided to go solo … Continue Reading →


You’re Not Doing It, Because It’s Not What You Really Want

I don’t fully believe that the true reason most people don’t achieve their dreams is because they’re busy or they don’t have enough money. Part of it, can be true — we lack resources, opportunities, or maybe enough time. Some people have to look after a sick loved one, or earn more money to support their … Continue Reading →


Is What We’re Doing Worth the Time and Energy?

Chances are, 50 percent of our daily activities aren’t worth doing: mindlessly scrolling on Facebook watching trivial TV shows randomly searching something on Instagram gossiping and comparing debating and arguing on social media thinking about negative thoughts, and many more. The truth is, it’s highly possible to eliminate these irrelevant things. That is, if we’re … Continue Reading →


Do You Really Need it? It’s Just FOMO

It’s true that most of us want to have all the nice things others have — things that can boost our social status or make our lives more convenient and fun. We want to earn millions. We want to own a luxury car, a mansion, and a successful business. We want to be in a place … Continue Reading →


Happiness and Success: Why You Need to Lower Your Expectations

We label everything that happens in our life into two categories: Good or Bad When we succeed in our businesses, careers, jobs, creative projects, studies, or relationships, we believe it’s good. No doubt it is. But when we fail at them, we convince ourselves that it’s bad — a bad experience. In other words, when our expectations … Continue Reading →


Ignore and Move On

Ignore what other people say about you. Ignore what they think about you. Ignore the things that are beyond your control. When you react to these things, you’re only running in circles. It doesn’t lead you anywhere. It ruins your inner peace. It makes you stuck. But when you ignore, you open more time for … Continue Reading →


Where Do You Get The Time to Criticize?

We are a society of critics. How come we have time to criticize someone’s post on Facebook but don’t have time to read books? How come we have time to criticize other people’s works but don’t have time to create our own? How come we have time to criticize our friends’ behaviors, but don’t have … Continue Reading →


Your Reactions Aren’t Helping You, Do Something

Life sucks. And all you want is to make it convenient and fun and interesting and positive. That’s why when something bad — maybe not bad, just something you hate — happens, you react. Here are some examples: You badmouth your neighbors for their lavish lifestyle. You complain because the coffee shop’s Internet connection is … Continue Reading →