Where Do You Get The Time to Criticize?

We are a society of critics. How come we have time to criticize someone’s post on Facebook but don’t have time to read books? How come we have time to criticize other people’s works but don’t have time to create our own? How come we have time to criticize our friends’ behaviors, but don’t have … Continue Reading →


Your Reactions Aren’t Helping You, Do Something

Life sucks. And all you want is to make it convenient and fun and interesting and positive. That’s why when something bad — maybe not bad, just something you hate — happens, you react. Here are some examples: You badmouth your neighbors for their lavish lifestyle. You complain because the coffee shop’s Internet connection is … Continue Reading →


The Cost of Your Ambitions

Whatever your ambitions, you should understand that they come at a price: Your health Your time Your energy Money Your relationships And you should understand as well that the price is the sacrifice. Sacrifice your health, and you’ll end up unhealthy and ill (even worse dead). Sacrifice all your time, and you’ll end up ignoring … Continue Reading →


The Most Embarrassing Mistake I Did and What I Learned from a Police Officer

Yesterday, my bicycle was stolen. Maybe the intruder stole it last night or at dawn. Either way, it was unbelievable. We have two dogs. They could have alarmed us. And our landlady — she lives upstairs — assured there wasn’t any burglar cases in her premises throughout her life. Ah, so we were the first … Continue Reading →


If You Think Your Idea Is Useless, Then Test It

When you do something different, most people think you’re a fool. Some may laugh or say something discouraging. You have two choices:  Believe what they say, be like them, and forget your idea. Or trust your idea, decide for yourself, and give it a try. Most parents may disagree because it feels unsafe for their … Continue Reading →


“The Story of the Chinese Farmer” by Alan Watts

Alan Watts was an influential philosopher who gave lectures at universities across the United States. We’re lucky most of these lectures can be found on YouTube — one of these is “The Story of the Chinese Farmer,” which is my favorite. I read somewhere it’s originally a Chinese fable. But I think it doesn’t really … Continue Reading →


100 Insights on Living a Good Life

1. Ideas without execution are worthless. 2. Find that one thing that makes you excited. Pursue even if there’s no money in it. 3. Don’t learn everything. Instead, learn intentionally the things relevant to your goals. 4. Improvise but learn when to stop. 5. Let your actions speak for yourself, not your words. 6. To master one thing, give … Continue Reading →


You Become What You Consume

To become the person you want to be, consume the right information. For example, you want to become a jazz musician. By all means, study everything about jazz music — songwriting, theory, techniques, melodies, jazz musicians, and so on. If you want to be an actor, then study everything about acting — the fundamentals of acting, … Continue Reading →