Courage Plus Curiosity

Doesn’t matter where you graduated or what college degree. Doesn’t matter how many books you’ve read or what books Doesn’t matter how huge your monthly income is or how profitable your business is. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you have all these things. They can be helpful. Of course. But they are not everything. … Continue Reading →


Accept, Forgive, But Never Tolerate

Accepting someone for who they are. Forgiving someone for their shortcomings. That’s fine. Nobody’s perfect. But tolerating their unethical behaviors; Allowing their dramas to invade your life; Welcoming their negativity. Unacceptable. You must, by all means, protect your life. Defend your fortress at all costs. And make sure your loved ones are safe. Through and … Continue Reading →


Protect Yourself First

People will always demand something from you — time, money, attention, etc. Our tendency to give (or ask for) everything is so strong we forget our limitations. But resources are finite. Creating a strong boundary is a must. Learn to say “No.” “Enough”. Otherwise, you’ll never achieve what you’re meant to achieve while you’re still … Continue Reading →


Not Strong Enough

Everything starts with “desire”. A desire to build wealth. A desire to serve people. A desire to make your life better. A desire to become great at your craft. Desire ignites everything. Since most things in life are unpredictable and beyond your control, your desire will keep you going. It’s the main reason you want … Continue Reading →


What is Causing Our Miseries?

All our miseries are caused by one thing: Mind I know you wouldn’t believe it. Sounds stupid. It probably is. But that only proves my point that the mind causes our miseries. Because the mind always works against us. It is designed that way. From the very beginning. Why? So we can stay alert, survive, … Continue Reading →


Everything is in the Present

Your life is happening right now. Not when you get that promotion. Not when you get that dream job. Not when you get that client. Not when you finish school. Not when you become a millionaire. Not when you become famous. Not when you achieve something. Stop fantasizing. Do what you need to do. Prepare … Continue Reading →


“Problems” and How We Interpret Them

All problems you have right now can be solved. Even the biggest problem you imagine, there’s always a solution to that. Of course, everybody knows there’s always a solution. Where most of us differ is how we interpret these problems. Two groups of people: Group 1: People interpret problems as a challenge for them to … Continue Reading →


A Healthy Person Wants a Thousand Things

A healthy person: I want to get rich. I want to live in a mansion and own luxury cars. I want to be recognized. I want to be admired and become famous. I want to inspire and help people and become an influencer; a celebrity. I want to change the world. A sick person: I want … Continue Reading →


One Wrong Move

You can’t just dismiss all the right moves you did because of one wrong move. No matter how destructive that action was, you still made enough right moves in the past. You aren’t where you are right now if not because of you. It’s OK to feel embarrassed and guilty. Acknowledge it. Reflect on it. … Continue Reading →


Minimizing Reaction, Maximizing Solution

It’s so easy to get drowned when there’s a problem. So easy to blame. Easy to run. Our default is to react (and curse) — “Shit! Stupid! Wtf! Come on!” But any form of action has an equal or opposite reaction (Newton’s Third Law). That means those you consider “problems” are actually the “reactions”. Something … Continue Reading →