10 Truths I Learned at 30

Last Aug 2019, I turned 30. What a year. This post should have been posted last year. But as usual, life gets in the way. Did a lot of things. Learned a lot of new things. You can check the truths I learned at 29 here. 1. The pain or adversity we experience today will … Continue Reading →


You are “You”

“At the end of the day, it’s just you.” I’m not sure what that quote means for you. But I think about it this way: No matter what I do or what others do, at the end of the day, I still end up with myself. I’m still inside this body. This is a good … Continue Reading →


It’s Happening Right Now

My wife and I moved into a new house 4 months ago. It was an abrupt decision. We weren’t prepared. But we took our chances. And glad, we made it. For the past 4 months, everything felt messy. I had to balance working (we both work from home) and organizing the house, and assisting my … Continue Reading →


My Happiness Formula

I didn’t invent this. But you can try. Gratitude + Contentment + Acceptance Gratitude: Grateful for everything I have. Grateful for the time I can spend with the people I love. Grateful for being alive and healthy and safe. Grateful I can still do things that give me joy. I can still be useful. Contentment: … Continue Reading →


It’s Not Their Fault

You have a dream. You want to become a painter. You want to become a musician. A novelist. A dancer. A scientist. You want to start your own small business. You want to start a tech company. But your parents, your relatives, and every person you know disagree because your dream won’t make you rich. … Continue Reading →


Change it, Leave it, Accept it

In almost every circumstance, we only have 3 choices: Change Leave Accept If we can’t change it, then leave. If we can’t leave, then change. If we can’t change or leave, then accept whatever it is. But we all know that changing or leaving may lead to consequences we might regret. And accepting is easier … Continue Reading →


Nobody Wants to Suffer, But That’s What We Need (Sometimes)

In the middle of suffering, we wish it to end. We wish to be in a different situation where everything feels pleasurable and smooth. But it is through suffering that we learn the most about life. The more we experience it, the more we become wiser. Suffering gives us a new perspective on what it … Continue Reading →


Extracts from Motivational Speeches

I wouldn’t lie. A lot of motivational speeches on YouTube are fascinating. Thanks to those who compiled them. Yes, most of them are clichés. But who cares. Clichés are reminders. Everyone needs reminders or maybe a boost, especially when feeling down. Words are powerful. Here are a few that I happen to reflect a lot … Continue Reading →


Others’ Agendas

I wonder where it all started — where we started to believe that for life to be enjoyed it had to have prestige, profits, lots of properties, and an incredible amount of money. I wonder who popularized the idea that contentment was for losers and if we didn’t work our ass off to earn lots … Continue Reading →


Do You Really Need a Bachelor’s Degree?

My younger sister was confused. She knew I didn’t want to be a school teacher. But I told her I would consider being a teacher, as of now. But I didn’t mean lecturing in front of students using a lesson plan — I was talking about teaching people my own way. This blog is an … Continue Reading →