In 352 Words, Here’s What I’ve Learned in Life

1. Our ego makes us stupid.

2. We know nobody’s perfect, but we get mad at someone who does wrong things.

3. Most people don’t truly understand themselves. And they don’t even bother to understand.

4. Most poor people only want one thing— to get rich. Most rich people only want one thing — to get richer.

5. Spending all our waking hours earning tons of money is the biggest trap in life. Don’t fall for it.

6. Because it’s always possible to live and enjoy life without money (Google Mark Boyle).

7. Life is not perfect — it will never be.

8. Working smart without working hard is pointless. Do both.

9. Happiness isn’t always about feeling good. It’s about accepting what you have, where you are, and what the world did to you. Contentment.

10. It’s hard to be content and hard to be honest and hard to care though.

11. Everyone worships something.

12. We are all biased and we all have a bias blind spot.

13. Life is short. It only becomes long if we’re absolutely sure we’ll die at 100. And even a hundred years seem short. 🙂

14. We are all afraid to die.

15. Companies use people and people use companies. But the government still wins.

16. Most religions are fear-based (these are religions I’ve known).

17. Every action has either a good or bad side effect. Maximize the good.

18. Most people don’t know why they’re doing what they’re doing.

19. Understanding is more rewarding than trying to be right and proving others wrong.

20. Too much information doesn’t enrich life.

21. People keep repeating the same mistakes. Are we really learning?

22. It’s always easier to talk than do the real work. Easier to judge than understand. Hello HYPOCRITES.

23. No matter how strong we think we are, when life gets tough, giving up seems like the only choice. We are humans.

24. Not all people are good, but every person can become good.

25. The hardest part is not changing the world, but changing ourselves.

26. The pursuit of happiness, money, knowledge, and success is part of being human. Everyone follows a certain path.

26. The most invaluable things in life are free: Love, Inner Peace, Happiness — love yourself, make peace with yourself, be happy with what you have.