A “Not So Good” Decision

Some days I spend more time alone thinking about life. I love life. I love that we’re mortals and we don’t know the future. I love that we all want to save someone’s life, especially our loved ones.

As much as I love life, there are things I kind of hate, too. Like people hurting others for money or for religion, or worse, race. I hate it when people fight because of indifferences and opposing beliefs. It saddens me I want to vanish.

But I don’t want to use the word hate. I replace it with “not so good.”

That man beat his wife. Ah, not so good.

That politician is corrupt. Ah, not so good.

Not so good…

Here are some of what I believe as not so good decisions in life:

1. People not leaving the job they hate, because they need money to pay the bills. Good for them, but not so good for me. I once worked in a job I hate. I know how it damn feels. Like everyone else, I thought I don’t have a choice. I was wrong.

2. People accept a job offer because of the pay. Unless you’re in a life or death situation, your reasons to accept your job must be aligned with your goals and passions. If it’s only for the compensation, that’s a not so good decision. Know your why.

3. People trying to earn more and more money by any means. They have their reasons. I respect. But sometimes, they already have more, yet still wanting more. Not so good. Don’t chase money.

4. People on a mission to find the most secure and stable job so they can provide for their families. That’s great. I admire the diligence. But that kind of mission is again, not so good. It’s pointless chasing the most secure and stable job. Life is unpredictable.

5. People leave their loved ones to work abroad. I get it. I have friends who work abroad. I know their reasons — to better their lives and their families. Nothing’s wrong with that. But again, if it’s not a life-or-death situation, I won’t leave my loved ones. I want to be with them. They are more important.

6. People starting a business to become rich. I’ve met a few people who wanted to start a business so they can have financial freedom, do what they want, and become rich. They didn’t have a bigger purpose. If you want to start a business, focus on providing value. Money should be a byproduct of doing great work.

7. People pursuing a creative career to boost their status. I know some musicians who only joined or formed a band so they have something to brag: Hey! I have a band. Not so good. Do it because you love it.

The Decision is Yours

Is it wrong to leave our loved ones to work overseas? Is it wrong to earn more money? Is it wrong to be in a rock band so people will love us?

Who am I to tell you what’s right or wrong? We all have different life templates.

However, I encourage you to reexamine your values. Think about it. What are the things that you really value in life?

Our decisions are a reflection of the values we live by. That’s why there are some decisions I believe are “not so good” because they contradict my values: Love, Peace, Compassion, Empathy, Finding purpose, Self-discipline, Self-improvement, Living a meaningful life, and making the world a better place.

What are yours?