A Reminder to People Planning to Start a Creative Project

I can’t imagine life without a creative project — an art or anything that requires creating.

If you don’t have one, I suggest you start your own. I believe it’s something we should experience at some point in life. As the poet Dejan Stojanovic once said, “Creating means living.” 

I love that.

But let’s say you already have an idea but don’t know where to start. What to do?

Here’s a tip: Know your why.

Some people focus so much on the details. They want to start a blog, and they stress over the blog’s name, the theme, the hosting, the logo, and on and on. (I know. I’ve been there.)

When it should be, the first thing to do is ask ourselves, “Why do we want to create a blog?”

Knowing our why is paramount. Because if we know why we want to do it, the tiny details don’t matter that much.

Even more interesting is that when we know our why, it’d be easier to figure out the “how” down the line.

Our why is our compass.

I know some people who want to start their own creative projects like blogging or designing, but hesitate because they think they’re not good enough. Truth is, who cares if we’re not good enough?

Just like everybody, I didn’t feel I was good enough the day I started blogging. But guess what, I’m still here writing (pretending to be smart).

That’s because my why is greater than my fears.

My why is to learn and understand, and improve myself, and help people improve as well.

So maybe my writing style, (minor) typos, typography don’t really matter.

It’s my message that matters.

Lesson: Whether it’s starting a band, writing a book, developing a website, acting, singing, sculpture, pottery, fashion design, painting, cooking, blogging, or any kind of creative project, it’s important that you know why you want to do it.

This saves you time and energy (and money).