Beware of Fake People

I know a few people who give advice on how to be successful and rich, and yet in real life they’re the ones who really feel failure deep inside.

And what about people who share tips on how to be happy (they post it on Facebook), and yet in real life they’re lonely as hell? I know some of them, too.

One guy said he’s a Christian, he hates people who are hypocrite. But later, I found he’s been cheating with his wife. Holy cow.

Fake people are everywhere. Most of them are negative. They cheat. They abuse. They drain our energy.

Sometimes they’re hard to spot. Sometimes easy to notice. So be careful whom you spend your time with.

There are 3 things (I think) we can do with fake people.

  1. Listen to what they say (but don’t follow).
  2. Tell them directly that they should change for good.
  3. Ignore. Just ignore.

Maybe there are better ways I have yet figured out. But other than that, there’s nothing we can do.

PS: I don’t condemn fake people. I always try to empathize. Who knows, maybe there are reasons they act like that. Most of the time, I want to understand and dig deeper. But sometimes though, it just doesn’t work.

As what I’ve said in Humans Unite: Not all people are good, but anyone can change themselves and become good hopefully (this is one of the many life-changing realizations I had).

Yes fake people can change. 🙂

Ask yourself, “Am I one of these fake people floating on social media sites?”

Time for self-evaluation (this is my favorite).