But I Am Not Jesus Christ

A group of kids laughed. I had no idea until one of them shouted, “Jesus Christ!” Oh, it was my face. I tried to smile.

And it wasn’t the first time. Last year, an audience screamed, “Jesus Christ!” while I was on stage playing with a band. Again I smiled. Do I have a choice?

I have. I could have cut my hair short and shaved my mustache and goatee so I wouldn’t be stereotyped. But I didn’t.

I mean, I didn’t understand why some people are bothered with how I look, though, it doesn’t affect them.

They say they want me to look handsome. OK I’m not handsome.

One day a friend asked why I didn’t cut my hair short as most guys do. I told him that maybe someday I will, but not for now. I’m happy with it. Nothing’s wrong with my hair, right?

A family member once told me I look old and ugly and I don’t look civilized. Maybe yes. But who cares?

We judge people who look different, with weird hairdo or weird outfit — but nothing’s wrong with that. Nothing’s wrong being a long-haired or red-haired guy. Nothing’s wrong with a full-body tattoo. Nothing’s wrong with old-fashioned clothes.

Do you know what seems to be not right?

It’s how we perceive these people because of their looks.

Physical appearance is just that — a physical appearance. Our clothes, our hairdos, our outfits are just preferences. Those things are just the tip of the iceberg.

We’ve been conditioned by society, that in order to stand out, in order to look presentable, we need to be formal or stylish or trendy or a fashion king/queen. Society sets the standards.

But here I am saying, “Screw it.”

Just be yourself. Wear what you want. Grow your hair, your beard or goatee or mustache. Dye your hair if you want. Wear many earrings if you want. Wear an orange shirt and pair it with pink pants or vice versa (but only if that makes you happy).

Life is meant to be explored.

As long as you’re not causing harm to yourself, to others, and the environment, nothing’s wrong with your unconventionality.

You have a choice to live your life the way you want it to be.