Care, Is it Hard?

In business: There are companies that don’t care about their customers or their staff. I’ve met some of these entrepreneurs and I wonder what the hell happened. The reason? Money first.

In politics: During electoral campaigns, we hear a lot of promises. So many promises we all get excited. But when they won, where are the promises? Where is care? Then I realized that leaders who really care don’t wait for elections. They act regardless what power they have.

In every day life: The rich college kids don’t care about their less fortunate schoolmates. The passengers don’t care about the taxi drivers. The customers don’t care about the vendors in the market. And most of the time we don’t care about the people behind us, we wanted to be the first, to be prioritized. Me first.

In workplaces: The supervisor wants to be in the comfort zone all the time, so he pushes his people. No absences. No excuses. No mistakes. The admin does the same. Some co-workers do the same. Everyone wants to be in the no-stress zone. And the CEO is too tired to deal with this. Where is care?

Is it hard to listen to the customers and understand their complaints? Is it hard to serve people when you have the privilege, the money, and the power? Is it hard to empathize with fellow human beings and help solve their problems?

Is it hard to care? 

“Caring is free.” — Seth Godin