Change, Don’t, Change, Don’t

Changing something is tricky.

But changing yourself is trickier.

If you want to change something, there are hundreds of “how-tos” you can find. But if you want to change yourself, there’s no specific “how-to” for it.

People who follow others’ advice on how to change themselves are often bound to fail.

That’s because they can’t just change something using some random tools or strategies advised by so-called gurus.

Maybe at first, they can (to an extent). But it won’t last long.

Real long-lasting change is always a natural process.

If you meet someone who completely changed from being unhealthy to healthy, you’ll know that it didn’t happen because of some tools or strategies or books or any how-tos.

It’s more likely because they fully understand that if they don’t change, they will die — the tools or advice from others are only supplementary.

Changing something in yourself starts with the complete realization of this: Danger is next if you don’t.

And it should be real. Immediate. It should be in front of you. If it’s not, maybe you can trick your mind that it is. (Others claim it works! Good luck with that.)

To fully realize and understand something, you must first experience it.