Colors of Life

Things in life are not black and white.

Anything believed as truth can be nuanced. It can be personal. And different for every person.

Assuming all things are the same (or different) only leads to unwanted problems.

Believing that something is true doesn’t mean it’s forever true. Believing that something is false doesn’t mean it’s forever false.

If you believe that living is suffering, then you’ll likely suffer. But, at least you’ll prepare for the suffering, which in turn makes you more resilient. So maybe you’ll not suffer that much.

On the other hand, if you believe that living is supposed to be easy, that doesn’t mean life will be easier for you. If anything, you’ll still suffer (even more than those who believe life is suffering) because you’re not preparing for the worst.

Still, it could be the other way. Regardless of what we think is true or false, life has its own unpredictable way of redefining it.

It all boils down to how we interpret our experiences.

For example, suffering.

It can be interpreted in different meanings. Suffering could be a learning phase; a challenge; a mental training; and an opportunity to see what’s real.

Suffering itself is full of colors.

And suffering is just a fraction of life — which is also made up of colors intertwined with unbounded hues and gradients.

A single lifetime isn’t enough to experience all these colors. Not enough to comprehend their depth.

However, there’s no need to experience everything — it’s impossible.

You only need to decide what colors you want to experience while you’re still alive.