Stop Spending All Your Time For Money. Create Something For People

I didn’t understand what he’s saying. But I said OK. Maybe earning more money will make him happy. After all, he’s a good friend.

But I was too dumb to follow. I didn’t want to spend all my time earning more money. I wanted to create something for people. So I started Humans Unite.

Now I’m running two blogs.

It’s hard. But I can’t stop writing. I can’t stop creating. I want to provide value.

And oh, nothing is more fulfilling hearing readers say that they’ve found my ideas helpful. It feels good inside.

But Why Create? We Don’t Have Time. Money is More Important

Most people get caught up. They spend hours and hours trying to earn more. They don’t have time for other things.

I’m not judging. I’m trying to understand.

I, too, have a full-time job that sometimes drains all my energy. Yet I still manage to create things on the side. I’m not a genius. I just keep training myself. Everyone can do it.

The pursuit of a wealthy life, somehow, is a trap. We spend majority of our waking hours working for money, finding a hundred ways to earn extra income — because Warren Buffet said that we should have multiple income streams? Ha, not bad.

But after a stressful day, we turn to TV and social media. Maybe it will make things better and relieve stress. But then we get sleepy. The next day, the cycle repeats.

And the saddest part of the story is that when we earn the money, we buy stuff we don’t really need, spend it on entertainment, and beautify ourselves.

Then years after, we die.

What useful thing we left on earth? Nothing.

“Money can’t buy life.” — Bob Marley

Our Creations Are Our Legacy

As a human being, what can you offer to society? The world doesn’t want your Facebook profile picture. We don’t want your fancy properties. We want your ideas and your abilities and your creativity and your imagination.

We want your green inventions to protect the environment.

We want your non-fiction books to convey insights and life lessons.

Your novels and movies to tell inspiring stories.

Your music to move our souls.

Your drawings to illustrate new ideas.

Your paintings to express emotions words can’t express.

Your DIY gadgets to better life.

Your animated videos to educate kids.

Your recipes to satisfy people’s appetite.

Your travel blog to provide reliable travel tips.

Your clothing line to dress people.

Your pots and ceramics to store items.

Your apps to assist us in different ways.

Your landscape photos to prove how magnificent earth is.

We want your creations.

Your creations to help people.

Creations that help better our community, our world.

Find time to create something useful for humanity (wherever you are, whatever you do).

That is your legacy.

“Creating means living.” — Dejan Stojanovic

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Jade Panugan

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