Does it Make You Feel Good Inside?

Although everyone has different definitions of success, there’s one version that bothers me a lot.

This: Success is being super rich or being famous.

I used to believe the same thing. But who could blame us? That’s what the media has been portraying for years. Society bought it. Our parents bought it.

I’m not here to prove that the media is wrong though. If you believe in that, no worries.

The only problem I notice with people who believe in “success is all about getting super rich or famous” is that they tend to focus on the results rather than the work itself.

Even worse, they tend to focus on the reward rather than the purpose.

This is challenging. Because more often than not, we never question our purpose. We never ask why we want success in the first place.

Here’s Grant Piros reflecting his thoughts on success (inspired by Derek Sivers):

“Success is about more than just external factors of money and fame, the internal matters too.”

In other words, success also means that we feel good inside.

Or we can also say it’s fulfillment.

You know that feeling when you help a stranger without asking something in return. Or what about the day you make your loved ones happy. Or the day you ship your creations — arts, music, products, and so on —  for people to use or enjoy.

Being famous or getting rich or achieving a high status are just byproducts. No they shouldn’t be the goal.

But when we really feel good inside, when we are fulfilled. I think that is more important.

Now, real talk: Is your ultimate desire in life to become insanely rich or famous?

Ask yourself if that really makes you fulfilled at the end of the day. Or if that makes you proud as a human being. Or if that is really worth pursuing.

If not, then what’s the point?

What would you do with the money and fame?