Eliminate and Focus

When we set a goal, our minds default to thinking we need something new to accomplish it. If it’s not new, then more.

But those things rarely help.

The real solution is to eliminate distractions.

A distraction could be anything that robs our focus.

I don’t mean a good Netflix show or playing video games with your kids. If that’s how you spend quality time with your loved ones, then go for it. A clear intention. That’s the point.

But if it’s preventing you from accomplishing your goals, if it’s preventing you from focusing on your work, you are distracted. You’re not just admitting it.

The worst kind of distractions are those things that exude bad vibes. They make us reactive, lazy, drained, and anxious.

It could be the daily news, social media, or gossip.

While some of them may be beneficial, they can quickly become a distraction. And they’re almost hard to resist. It’s crazy that we still allow them into our lives!

To focus, we must learn to set a clear boundary.

And design a life where there’s no space for the time-wasters.

I don’t think we should eliminate all of them (if you can, I mean, that’s great!).

There’s nothing wrong with having some form of entertainment and downtime. Or having more money, new gadgets, and the extra time we’ve been wishing for.

Still, those things don’t matter that much if we can’t learn to focus and do the real work.

If we can’t learn to block all the distractions, nothing will ever happen.

Dreams remain dreams. Wishes remain wishes.

Block the distractions and learn how to focus first.

Do it every day. Do it for a year. Then see what happens.