Will Your Worries End?

What we worry about… everything starts in the mind.

Our mind is processing all the information we consume. We can’t help it. That’s the mind.

If you always consume information about the global crisis, job loss, business shutdowns, hatred and wars, and social issues, then your mind will process and store that information in your head — making you anxious and uncertain about the future.

While most of these things are real doesn’t guarantee they will happen to you as well. You’re just speculating. You’re thinking about the worst.

Preparing for the worst can be beneficial (to an extent). But if it’s making you anxious every second of your day to the point you can’t sleep at night and are unable to function at your full capacity by day, then you’re doing it the wrong way.

There’s no single solution to eliminating worries. Worrying is part of the human condition. We are built this way. It’s our code for survival and progress.

The only thing we can do is acknowledge it, minimize it, and learn how to live with it.

If you can train your mind to think beyond your worries and learn to prepare for any undesirable situation while still functioning as a normal human being, that’s already an advantage.

Yes you’ll still worry about things — it never ends. But at least you’re not miserable.