Enthusiasm for Learning

The things you only want to learn are the things you’re enthusiastic about.

If you’re not enthusiastic about writing music or programming or baking cakes, then you’ll never learn it.

Although sometimes you’re obliged to learn something because of your unique situation, you’re not actually learning in the most efficient way. You’re just following instructions so you don’t mess up. And once you achieve that, you probably won’t care anymore. You’re not enthusiastic about it in the first place.

Enthusiasm will always give you an edge. Enthusiasm is your fuel.

Because if you’re enthusiastic about something, you will do everything to learn it. Everything.

In reality, though, you’ll never become enthusiastic about something you discover in a classroom. Or something your parents force you to do. Or something your friends are doing.

Enthusiasm is internal. It should always arise within you.

To become enthusiastic, try these:

  • Read a lot.
  • Do lots and lots of things.
  • Talk with people whose works you admire.
  • Start your own thing.
  • Be alone and evaluate the things you really love doing and try them all.

Now, you’re getting closer.