External Approval

Seeking external approval is human nature.

When others recognize our good work, we felt seen.

So we do our best to stay in that loop. After all, we did a really good job. We deserve praise once in a while.

But there’s one problem: It’s addictive.

And this addiction — as with other addictions — could be the sole reason we end up miserable.

Instead of focusing on doing great work and moving forward after the work, we long for others’ approval.

We become a slave to it.

Our confidence, self-worth, and happiness now rely on it.

And the worst part is when someone shares constructive criticism. A feedback.

Since we got used to the praise, we don’t like to hear feedback even though we know that’s how we grow.

No feedback means no iteration.

No iteration means no growth.

Of course “external approval” has its own place. And in some cases, it’s necessary.

But knowing what makes us strong and weak is more important than anything else.