For Content Creators: What Are We Doing?

At Medium, everyone has an opinion of good vs. evil, big picture vs. small picture, perspective 1 vs. perspective 2, and on and on.

Read the comment section here.

It’s interesting, I must say. I love that kind of commotion. Brains clashing together.

But what saddens me is the fact that we spend a lot of time and energy discussing ideas, defending our opinions, judging others’ actions, and brandishing our standpoints: “Hey! This is what I believe. This is the best way to get rich. This is what everyone must do!”

I wonder what would be the endpoint of this brain battle.

I wonder if it would lead to something fruitful. Let’s say, a movement that aims to improve our situation — a unified team of intelligent individuals driven by the objective of making the world a better place.

Yeah, it sounds silly. But I think that’s what we should be doing — understanding and uniting — instead of debating, insisting our ideals.

I would propose a few starting points:

1. Help people for free by creating content that can help better their lives. No money making. Just pure help. No selling things. Just actionable steps to help everyone lead a good life.

2. Contact those who can’t quit the job they hate and offer them an opportunity that would fit their skillset. Or if not, teach them alternative yet ethical ways to earn money. Freelancing? Online business? Whatever.

3. Engage in meaningful empathetic conversations. Try joining a community of people who resonate with your values. Talk with them. Ask questions. Discuss and challenge ideas. Then maybe, do something with those ideas.

4. Start planting more trees or veggies or fruits, and learn to grow our own food. Then teach others how to do it. Teach them for free. Yes, for free. (Seriously, I don’t know how to start with this.)

Being a content creator doesn’t only mean building a large audience. It’s important to remind ourselves once in a while our purpose why we create content, and why we want to spread our ideas.

In my case, I aim to become a better person and help people do the same, and live a good life.

It’s no easy and I’m not sure if people will listen, or if it’s worth the risk.

I’m full of doubts. Full of doubts.

But if you’re with me, let’s get this moving.