How to (Truly) Live

The house you live in. The neighborhood. The people you love.

Even the job or business that stresses you out.

Today could be the last day.

That you’ll experience them, see them, or benefit from them.

It’s the truth that nobody wants to talk about.

Because it’s scary. Unimaginable.

But nothing in this world is permanent. Nothing is guaranteed.

And the only way you can appreciate everything you have is to remember life’s impermanence.

Remind yourself about it every single day, and you naturally start to slow down.

You start to pay attention to the present moment. You start to not take things so seriously. You start to be more grateful.

You start to focus.

And what’s surprising is you start to truly live.

“We all have two lives, the second one starts when you realize you only have one.” — Confucius