Ignore and Move On

Ignore what other people say about you.

Ignore what they think about you.

Ignore the things that are beyond your control.

When you react to these things, you’re only running in circles. It doesn’t lead you anywhere. It ruins your inner peace. It makes you stuck.

But when you ignore, you open more time for the things that matter to you. You open more space for opportunities and memorable experiences and meaningful relationships.

But also, don’t forget to move on after you ignore them. Go back to the things that matter to you. Keep working. Keep improving. Keep learning.

Remind yourself that you don’t need to understand everything or correct everyone’s mistakes. Because in reality, most of the things are hard to understand. And most people don’t want to be corrected.

What you need to practice, however, is to be mindful where you put your attention to. Put it on things that bring negativity to your life, and your life is miserable.

And one more thing. Don’t take things personally. Please don’t. Because it’s not always about you. Sometimes it’s about them. 😉


Jade Panugan

Some interesting questions about life and human behavior: What if there's no money? Why we often feel the urge to prove that we're right and others are wrong? Why we react to things beyond our control? Why we hate? Why it's hard to be content? I don't have all the answers, do you? Let's chat.