One Experience, Multiple Meanings

A good experience for you may mean bad for your friend.

And a good experience for your friend or any stranger on the Internet may mean nothing to you at all.

Here’s the truth: We all make meanings and interpretations of our experiences.

If it’s a good experience, that’s awesome! What if it’s bad?

If you think it’s bad, acknowledge it. It’s that simple.

But you know the best part is? You can always change the meaning or your interpretation of any experience you label as bad.

You can change the meaning of a failed school examination from “I am unintelligent” to “I need to study and learn more”.

A feedback from your colleagues from “they only saw my mistakes” to “I’m glad they pointed that out. This is a wake-up call.”

A job loss from “unlucky” to “new opportunity”.

A business failure from “business is not for me” to “there’s something I haven’t learned yet, but I’m willing to learn and try again”.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not. What matters more is that it helps you.

One small tweak in your mind. Big change in your emotional state. Impossible becomes possible.