Change it, Leave it, Accept it

In almost every circumstance, we only have 3 choices: Change Leave Accept If we can’t change it, then leave. If we can’t leave, then change. If we can’t change or leave, then accept whatever it is. But we all know that changing or leaving may lead to consequences we might regret. And accepting is easier … Continue Reading →


Nobody Wants to Suffer, But That’s What We Need (Sometimes)

In the middle of suffering, we wish it to end. We wish to be in a different situation where everything feels pleasurable and smooth. But it is through suffering that we learn the most about life. The more we experience it, the more we become wiser. Suffering gives us a new perspective on what it … Continue Reading →


Extracts from Motivational Speeches

I wouldn’t lie. A lot of motivational speeches on YouTube are fascinating. Thanks to those who compiled them. Yes, most of them are clichés. But who cares. Clichés are reminders. Everyone needs reminders or maybe a boost, especially when feeling down. Words are powerful. Here are a few that I happen to reflect a lot … Continue Reading →


Others’ Agendas

I wonder where it all started — where we started to believe that for life to be enjoyed it had to have prestige, profits, lots of properties, and an incredible amount of money. I wonder who popularized the idea that contentment was for losers and if we didn’t work our ass off to earn lots … Continue Reading →


Do You Really Need a Bachelor’s Degree?

My younger sister was confused. She knew I didn’t want to be a school teacher. But I told her I would consider being a teacher, as of now. But I didn’t mean lecturing in front of students using a lesson plan — I was talking about teaching people my own way. This blog is an … Continue Reading →


A Work in Progress

We are not completely in full shape. We are formless ever since we’re born. And as we grow older, our thoughts, emotions, and views about the world fluctuate. But the good thing about this is that each day is an opportunity to learn and grow. The Internet has provided us a wide avenue for learning … Continue Reading →


A Journey to the 2 Different Worlds

You exist in 2 different worlds. But you don’t think about it as often as possible. The first world is inside your head. It’s what you imagine about yourself. It’s how you perceive things happening around you. It’s your own perfect world. In that world, you are the center. You are the main character. You … Continue Reading →


It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

It always fascinates me when people messaged because they loved what I wrote in spite of it not being perfect. I reread, puzzled why many love my own little world. It resonated with them. I see. When I perform with my band, I usually lose track of time. Because it’s so fun. Sometimes I hit … Continue Reading →


What’s Your Advantage?

If you’re born in a first world country like the US and Australia, that’s already your advantage. You have more opportunities and privileges than the people in the third world. But if you’re not from the first world, yet you’re born and raised in a wealthy or powerful family, that’s a huge advantage, too, by … Continue Reading →


The One Tiny Sand

Imagine there are 1 billion grains of sand on earth. And you are one of the grains. In your world, sands don’t do anything other than staying on the shore. They are just content being a sand. That’s it. But you are different. You think there’s more to life. You have a dream. So one … Continue Reading →