Doing the Opposite: A Greener Pasture or Danger

If you’re always looking for motivation, that means you don’t really want to do whatever you’re about to do. But you have to do it anyway because other people depend on you. Sometimes it works. Sometimes you can’t tell. Yet you have to do it anyway. But what if you’re sick and tired of it? … Continue Reading →


Don’t Live in the Dark

Any negative emotion and thought, if not channeled appropriately, could lead you into the dark. This dark place is where negativity, irrational fears, worries, and all the demons lurk. Too much stress and overthinking will lead you there. The more you spend time in that place, the more you become a coward — because it … Continue Reading →


Important vs Unimportant

Most people know what’s important and what’s not. It’s simple. Unimportant things are things that don’t really matter. A waste of time. Why waste time if you know life is short? But that’s not the real problem. The real problem is we still keep wasting time on things that are unimportant, though we all agree … Continue Reading →


Zero to Ten is Enough

I finally got back to running/jogging last week — thanks to coach Mandy Keene. Even better my younger brother visited. So we did it together. I can say that having a companion helps. More fun and exciting. We even played basketball afterward as we both felt the momentum. This morning, I did it again. I … Continue Reading →


How to Avoid Drama (the not so obvious way)

Decide what thing you really want to focus on. Just one thing. Make it your mission. Commit to becoming really good at it. A master. An expert. A world-class performer. Do it every single day, whatever happens. Regardless of your situation, you will find time to work on it. You must focus. Have tunnel vision. … Continue Reading →


Are You Taking Things For Granted?

What are you doing with your free time? With your extra money? With your computer, your smartphone? What are you doing with everything you have that others don’t? If you have a computer and stable Internet, try blogging or podcasting about your interest. Educate yourself using YouTube, online courses, and e-books. You can do almost … Continue Reading →


What Do You Worship?

When the thing we worship consumes us and blinds us from seeing reality, that’s not a good place. Worship a beautiful body, you’ll always feel ugly. Worship money and material possessions, you’ll never have enough. Worship power, you’ll never feel powerful. Worship fame, you’ll never feel famous. What actually happens is that our brains trick … Continue Reading →


If You Can Only Do One Thing in Life, What Would it Be?

Deep inside, you know who you are. You just keep denying it because of others’ expectations. But it’s about time to be brutally honest with yourself. Right now. Ask yourself what it is. What is that one thing you’d really love to do? If you can’t come up with a solid answer, try amplifying it … Continue Reading →


Starting Point

It can be tempting to make excuses why you can’t achieve that crazy dream. There are so many things to blame. Your country. Your parents. Your community. Your physical inadequacy. And on and on. Now you’re losing hope — or maybe not. Maybe you’re just researching. Asking questions. Seeking answers. Or maybe just waiting for … Continue Reading →


Is it “I don’t know”, or “I don’t know, but?”

Some people (who know me) often assume that I’m wise because I’ve read lots of books. But that’s not even close. When they ask me about politics or a particular mathematics formula (which I don’t have any idea), almost all the time I’d reply “I don’t know”. They don’t like it, for sure. But I’m … Continue Reading →