200 Blog Posts: 200 Ideas to Better Your Life

[NOTE: This post is still under construction. So far, I only extracted 50 out of 200. But I will keep working on it over the next few days. Please bear with me.] After 5 years of writing, reading, researching, and reflecting… I’m proud to say that I’ve published 200 blog posts on this site alone. … Continue Reading →


5 Years of Self-Education, 1 Important Lesson

Craftdeology turns 5 today (Mar 29). What a ride. These past few weeks, I’ve been revisiting, rereading, and rewriting my old blog posts so I can compile them into one readable format. Feels like a dream when I found out I have published 200 entries and written more than a thousand drafts! Oh I’m in … Continue Reading →


Welcome to the “Land of Learning Process”

One of the ironies in life is that we always expect others to act flawlessly, yet we know nobody’s perfect. We know that they — family members, friends, neighbors, or even the world leaders — are imperfect individuals. Yet here we are expecting them to act the best way possible. And when they fail, we … Continue Reading →


Knowing Without Understanding

We don’t fully understand something through reading, or listening, or researching, or watching. True understanding takes place when we apply what we’ve learned to real life — when we actually experience it. Notice the difference. Knowing is one thing. Understanding is one thing. Sometimes we know something, but we don’t truly understand it. It’s just … Continue Reading →


10 Unexpected Lessons From Our Second Company Trip

My stomach was rumbling. No. It was on fire. It was about to explode. Allyn, my wife also felt it. While my teammate Orlan was speechless. I started imagining a feast. Salad. Grilled chicken. Lettuce. Roast beef. Fried lumpia. Soup. Pizza. Chips. Yum yum. But maybe we should wait for others. Maybe we should. Shiela … Continue Reading →


Your Most Important Mission

Peel your thoughts and emotions day by day. Question your beliefs. Question your desires. Question everything: your relationships, your dreams, your fears, plans, needs, wants, reactions, dramas, envies, biases, thought process, and perspective. Challenge everything you think you know. Challenge everything you believe as the truth. Reflect on your mistakes — learn. Try something new. … Continue Reading →


Creating with Less Stress

5 years ago, I was a novice web writer. 5 years ago, I was a novice metal songwriter. I think I still am. I don’t see myself as an expert. I’m still learning. The only difference is, I now have the experience. I know what it takes. I know how it feels to fail and … Continue Reading →


The Art of Catching Yourself

Can you catch yourself every time you get mad at something beyond your control? Can you catch yourself every time you beat yourself up for failing to achieve your desired outcome? Can you catch yourself every time you berate your spouse for his/her inadequacy? Can you catch yourself every time you want to prove you’re … Continue Reading →


Not the Best, But Useful

We think being the best will lead us to success. But that’s not always the case. In reality, what most people really want is not the best. People want what is useful (to them). If you can be useful to others, you’re way more ahead than those trying to become the best. How can we … Continue Reading →


Flush Them Out

It sucks when you do something good for others but they hurt you instead. But does it really matter if they hurt you? Would that change the fact that you exist? Will that make the world explode? The world doesn’t care about your feelings. People fuck up. And you may be the victim. But who … Continue Reading →