How to Feel “Enough”

Most people I know never feel enough. And with social media, that feeling is even more amplified. We say to ourselves we should be doing better or living life differently or investing in cryptocurrencies because that’s what others are doing. Otherwise, we’re left behind. We’re being stupid for not taking advantage of the opportunities. You … Continue Reading →


The Final Battle

If you’ve played some video games specifically a role-playing game (RPG), then you’ve experienced how being a hero works (inside the game of course). But even if you haven’t played one, it’s still relatively easy to understand a hero’s life — thank you Marvel Studios! So here’s how it goes: You start by picking a … Continue Reading →


The True Meaning of “I Don’t Have Time” and “I Don’t Know”

Every time you say “I don’t have time I’m busy”, it’s not that you don’t really have time. It just means it’s not your priority right now. You can test it yourself. Imagine you’re being invited to a party — scheduled next Friday. If you’re hesitating, it’s likely that you already have a plan next … Continue Reading →


But Life Goes On, Even Without You

Silly question. Can you remember anything before you’re born? I couldn’t remember anything either. They told me I was born in 1989. But what happened to me before that? Where am I? What was the world look like that time? Even more frustrating, I couldn’t remember most of the things that happened to me when … Continue Reading →


This is Your Evolution

No matter how disciplined or intelligent you think you are, you are still you — an imperfect human being. You can’t change that. Can’t escape that. You will make mistakes. You will make irrational decisions. You will make fun of others to feel good about yourself. And at some point you’d probably get tempted to … Continue Reading →


Awareness and Healing

You didn’t wish to be born. Didn’t choose your parents. Didn’t choose your race. But here you are… With your own personality, preferences, ideas, and beliefs. Unique in your own way. But there’s one problem — you’re not proud of who you are. You are shy, afraid, and anxious to show others your true self. … Continue Reading →


Beware, Information Explosion

Thanks to the Internet. We now have access to an endless stream of information. Sounds good? Yes and No. It’s good because we can easily find the right information we need to inform ourselves. But it becomes not good when we lose control of our consumption. The mind has only limited capacity. It is not … Continue Reading →


On Losing Efficiency

Becoming efficient at something means you’re flowing like water. You’re delivering what needs to be delivered. You’re nailing it. This requires an insane amount of focus and discipline. But efficiency isn’t all-encompassing. If you try to be efficient at one thing, you might become less efficient at other things. It’s the truth. When I became … Continue Reading →


Superpowers You Can Nurture

Real superpower isn’t having an unimaginable strength or extraordinary fighting abilities. Those are just what the movies portray. There’s more to that in real life. Here are some of them: Not taking criticisms and negative feedbacks seriously. Staying calm amidst a stressful situation. Not getting envious of other people’s achievements. Not getting distracted by trivial … Continue Reading →


Honesty, Reality, Love

Most people I know confess there’s something they truly love to do. It’s their passion. It’s their purpose in life. Maybe they really love doing it. Maybe they’re honest. But when you ask them why thy aren’t doing it, things get interesting. Lots of excuses. It’s because they have to do something first. They have … Continue Reading →