When Things are Okay, Prepare for the Worst

If you have a job, do something on the side that would support you and your family financially. Maybe start a small business. Or start a passion project. Or develop a new skillset that people are willing to pay for. You’ll never know when your job will last. If you have a profitable business, invest in … Continue Reading →


9 Truths I Learned at 29

On August 2018 (last year), I turned 29. Thank you I’ve reached life this far. As I’ve done in the past, I’d like to share some of the truths I realized over the last year. You can read my 2017’s post here. Note: This post was long overdue. It should be posted last Dec 2018, but … Continue Reading →


Stop Talking, Start Doing

We love talking. No. I mean we talk more than necessary. We love to talk about what we know and what we have and what we can do and how we can do it, and… And… you get the point. We have this delusion that our ideas, opinions, plans, dreams, beliefs, or whatever we desire … Continue Reading →


It’s Not About What You Know, But What You Do

Yes, you know that chasing material possessions isn’t fulfilling. You know that there is more to life than earning more money. You know that life is not that long… And you need to do what you love right now and see new places and experience life to the fullest and so many things you want … Continue Reading →


Drop Your Excuses: Get Inspired or Be an Inspiration

He told me it’s the one thing he really loves to do. So he learned how to record his own metal songs. Now he has released quite enough music to hook my ears. Truth is, he would love to have a band, but because of the busy schedules, he decided to go solo — for … Continue Reading →


You’re Not Doing It, Because It’s Not What You Really Want

I don’t fully believe that the true reason most people don’t achieve their dreams is because they’re busy or they don’t have enough money. Part of it, can be true — we lack resources, opportunities, or maybe enough time. Some people have to look after a sick loved one, or earn more money to support their … Continue Reading →


Is What We’re Doing Worth the Time and Energy?

Chances are, 50 percent of our daily activities aren’t worth doing: mindlessly scrolling on Facebook watching trivial TV shows randomly searching something on Instagram gossiping and comparing debating and arguing on social media thinking about negative thoughts, and many more. The truth is, it’s highly possible to eliminate these irrelevant things. That is, if we’re … Continue Reading →


Do You Really Need it? It’s Just FOMO

It’s true that most of us want to have all the nice things others have — things that can boost our social status or make our lives more convenient and fun. We want to earn millions. We want to own a luxury car and a mansion, and have a successful business. We want to be … Continue Reading →