Everything you do regularly — you’ll get used to it. Until you stop questioning them.

From there, you’re on autopilot. You’re just going with the flow. All good.

The problem starts when life wants you to change something, but you resist.

An example of this is when you become a parent. Would you still spend more time on video games instead of taking care of your child?

Or when a rare opportunity arises. But you pass on it because you’re so used to doing your current work. (Even though you know, deep inside, it’s what you’ve been waiting for all your life!)

You have to keep asking questions about what you do. Make it a habit to always reflect on where you are in life. Make it a priority.

Is your work truly the work that is fulfilling to you? Is your income truly enough to support yourself and your loved ones, and prepare for the future? What about your physical space, beliefs, relationships, and daily routines?

Acknowledge that you want to change something. Don’t deny it.

Or maybe you’re too afraid. You don’t know what might happen. Does that mean you’re OK with the way things are? Now you’re lying.

Rethink everything in your life every now and then.

That’s an order.