When Things Go Wrong

That is the time to test yourself.

The time to verify whether you’ve learned from your experiences.

All the self-improvement books, podcasts, and videos you’ve consumed are useless if you can’t practice them in real life. What’s the point?

Self-improvement requires awful experiences.

These awful experiences are opportunities to test possibilities — what you’re willing to sacrifice and what you’ll not compromise.

They’re also opportunities to pause, step back, and listen to yourself.

Are you trembling? Are you flailing? Are you complaining and wishing things to be different?

Or are you breathing deeply, being composed, and thinking about solutions?

Are you choosing to be optimistic or pessimistic?

Acknowledge the unpredictability of life. And pay attention when things go wrong — because it will happen.

And when it does, welcome it.

Prove to the world that you’re now stronger and better.