A Short Letter to All Worried People

In a generation where everyone is trying to become the best and live life to the fullest, it’s hard not to feel anxious.

Worrying has become part of human experience. We get worried about things we don’t want to happen.

We worry about losing everything we have.

We worry about losing our job and not having enough money for the future, not achieving success, not being the best among our friends, not giving our kids a good life.

And the monthly bills. Wait, did I say bills? Oh god.

Worrying is the new normal. If you’re not worrying, then you’re not normal.

I know because like everybody else, I get so anxious about things I don’t want to happen. Ah, yes I’m normal. Or maybe I’m just pretending.

I wrote a letter for myself. This is a reminder.

Dear Anxious,

If you can’t stop thinking about things you don’t have control over, if you can’t stop thinking negative thoughts, if you are always worried, then you’re wasting a lot of time.

What a waste. You could have used the lost hours for more important matters such as cultivating peace, planning, creating, and finding solutions. You could have used them to enjoy the present moment.

The present moment is all you’ve got. Every minute serves a purpose. Maybe worrying has a purpose, but it doesn’t solve your problems. What solves your problems are the right ideas and right actions, which you can only think when you let go of your worries.

Your worries are toxic. They kill you slowly. They make you paranoid. You can’t think clearly if you’re always paranoid. But you never notice. You’re too busy earning more money, protecting your ego, preparing for your future. It’s hard to notice that all your actions are fear-based instead of love-based.

Love should be the epicenter of your life. Do it because of love, not because you’re afraid. Pursue it because of love, not because you want to be the best. Prepare because of love, not because you’re worried about losing everything.

Let me ask you: What percentage of your worries come true? 100 percent? 50 percent? I bet nothing. All your worries are just fears. They are illusions.

Your fantasies and ideals are the source of your worries. What are these fantasies and ideals? These are the things you want to happen for yourself and for everything around.

Like being the best, becoming rich or famous, getting the promotion, landing the best job in the world, achieving massive success, being happy all the time, and many more.

Let go all of them. Life is unpredictable. You don’t control the outcome. So there’s no use resisting what life is giving you. Instead, focus on what you can do in the present that will make your life better. Explore. Do your best. Then accept what happens.

Truth is that you are lucky — people are lucky — the most valuable things in life are free: Love. Inner peace. Happiness. 

These things make you better. They make you healthier. They keep you alive. If you cultivate inner peace and do the things you love and things that make you (and other people) happy, it reverberates to the people around you, making the world a better place.

And one more thing: Stop wasting time on social media. Especially Facebook and Instagram — they feed your fantasies and ideals. Use them with a purpose. Don’t allow them to use you.

Your time is valuable. And you are valuable. Don’t forget that.


Your confidant