Should We Tell Them Everything? Some People Want Easy to Understand Answers

I play in two bands: Jonah and Remnants of Catacombs (ROC).

The interesting part is when people — strangers or relatives — ask what my band name is. What should I say? In most cases though, my answer is Jonah.

When they asked about the meaning of Jonah, I said it’s a bible character because the founding members are Christians (I’m just a recruit). When they asked about the lyrics, I said it’s about life experiences or faith (I couldn’t elaborate, the vocalist wrote the lyrics). When they asked what genre, I say hardcore. And when they asked where we play, I said mostly in the city (Davao City).

Nothing complicated.

This, doesn’t mean I love Jonah more than ROC. Both of them, I value. And I’m really grateful for all the music adventures we’ve shared. I can’t deny, however, ROC is my first love because I founded it and mostly wrote all its songs (which is metal).

If that so, why do I still choose to say Jonah?

Because I want my answers as straightforward and succinct as possible. It’s a long story why we named it ROC. It’s a long story why we wrote the songs and what their meaning is. It’s a long story what subgenre of metal it is. It’s a long story why we decided to lie low.

There are 2 Lessons:

Lesson 1: When talking with strangers, most of them prefer simple and easy to understand answers. If people can easily understand and absorb the message, they can easily connect. And that is the goal, right?

You don’t have to share everything. Just give them the right amount, and respond accordingly to what they say. Because not all people want to hear complex baffling stories, unless… that’s what they seek in the first place (those are the exception).

Lesson 2: Determine whether or not that person want to know the whole story. Most of these people are your friends or those who know a little bit of your background (maybe some strangers, too).

This is when conversation dives deeper and becomes more interesting.

Ha, love it when people crave for the whole story — every single detail of a story. I can tell them everything if they want.

But of course, I’d love to hear their stories, too.

So what is your story? Care to share?