What if Society Has No Money (And That’s Real Society Supposed to be)

I don’t buy the idea that people should work hard to earn money and pay the bills, save for retirement, buy the things they want, travel, and have fun.

Working hard, I mean, nothing’s wrong with it. We spend almost all our waking hours working.

And if you love your job, great. But let’s be honest, not everyone loves their job. So they work for money because what is life without money? We have a lot to pay. We have kids to feed and send to school. Obligations and responsibilities and fun.

Money is the answer. Money is important.

But again, I don’t buy that idea.

Because if money is the answer, it’s like saying we can’t live without it. And if we can’t live without it, it’s like saying we’re slaves to money — yes we are slaves. Me, you, and our boss are slaves.

We refuse to believe, but seriously, we are.

And the funny thing is that our master (the one who controls us) is just a piece of paper. It doesn’t have life. It doesn’t have feelings. It doesn’t understand us and doesn’t want to understand us.

But here we are, working our ass off to earn money, more and more. And we are proud of it. We compete for money. And we are proud when we win. We join the rat race. And we are proud when we earn promotions, which means more money.

What now?

I don’t know, but if people only want love and peace and happiness, why do we need money in our society? What’s the point? We can love and be loved without money. We can obtain peace and be happy without money.

Money isn’t a determining factor, but we make it so important (that’s reality).

You might ask, “How can we buy food without money? How can we live comfortable lives? What about the travels? The parties?”

I do understand that money is a medium of exchange and it facilitates trade. Yes, money fuels the system so people can exchange goods or experience services. For now, there’s no way to eliminate money from the system.

It’s society’s lifeblood.

But that’s just for now, because maybe, there’s a way to restructure society. Maybe we can do something to stop producing money and when there’s no money, people will do things they really love to do.

I believe we can still live earth without it. But that is, if the whole planet agrees to stop using and producing money. Sounds complicated, but think about it for a second. Why not? 

These things may happen when there’s no money:

1. More people will start using their skills or talents to make the world a better place.

2. More people will use their time for growth or learning and living meaningful lives, because they don’t have to spend time earning more money.

3. People don’t have to leave their families long period of time to work abroad, which usually happens in third world countries.

4. The government and the police department exist to sustain peace and harmony. There will be no corruption and no crime involving money. Or maybe, no poverty.

5. To make the money-free system works, each adult person will contribute to the society. For example, while farmers are busy growing food, there are engineers/builders constructing the farmers’ houses. In return, the farmers provide food for them. Educators teach kids and the parents of these kids bring food to the teachers and provide shelter. Same goes for other professions. Barter.

Now, can we live without money? I think so. The air is free. Water is free. And all the foods are supposedly free. We just invented money so people will have something to work for and not become lazy bastards.

I’m not saying that it must happen. But I believe it’s possible. The government can make it happen if they only admit that the system of money has made most humans greedy monsters (I mean no offense).

Or maybe they see it. They just ignore it.

“Money can’t buy life.” — Bob Marley