Sometimes, I Don’t Follow Advice

The vegan lifestyle has made them happier and better people, great. You can try that, but don’t expect similar results. You can never replicate their experiences.

The digital nomad lifestyle has made them wealthy and fulfilled, great. You can try that too. But again, don’t expect similar results. It would never be the same — your experience, your story is unique from theirs.

My point is, what works for others doesn’t mean will work for you.

The same applies when someone gives you advice. You can consider it but that doesn’t mean you should always follow.

You have a choice: Follow the advice or not?

I have nothing against advising someone or following a piece of advice. In fact, it does help in certain situations. And I’m not saying you should follow what I say. I don’t want you to follow me.

But I couldn’t deny the magic of “Not Following an Advice.” It has worked for me in many ways and often made me happier and better, and even saved my life many times.

If something bad happens to me because of following a piece of advice, who’s to blame? Them? No. I should have trusted my intuition.

On the other hand, every time I do something scary even though people advise me not to do so, I feel great afterward. Even I failed, it still feels satisfying, because I followed my intuition and learned something from it.

Or maybe I was just dumb.

Sometimes advice is there to keep us safe, but sometimes, it holds us back from reaching our goals. That’s why I don’t like giving advice, I only say, “This approach has worked for me.”

If you want to pursue something despite your parents and peers advise you to stop, listen to them. But don’t forget to trust your instincts. What if something bad happens? Then at least you tried. Because sometimes, trying is all that matters.

Please, don’t follow my advice. 😉