Symptoms, Problems, and Fears

Most of our unwanted behaviors are symptoms of a problem.

  • Procrastination is a symptom. Fear of failing is the problem.
  • Avoiding exercise is a symptom. Fear of losing time is the problem.
  • Not responding to important messages is a symptom. Fear of saying the wrong thing is the problem.
  • Addiction to anything is a symptom. Not accepting the reality is the problem.

While “fear” or “unacceptance” could be the problem, they could be a symptom, too.

The root cause is way deeper.

For example: Procrastination is a symptom of a problem. The problem is fear of failing. But why do we fear failure?

To save you time, here’s the short answer:

All these symptoms, problems, and fears — all of them are caused by some kind of emotional baggage.

These emotions could be anything that we bottle up for god knows how long. Emotions that are draining and paralyzing.

Our past experiences have a lot to do with these. Any bad experience we had, it’s now stored in our minds. Eventually becoming a baggage.

The best way I approach this is through self-reflection. The one question I always ask myself is, “What’s my emotional state right now?”

Whatever it is, all I have to do is accept it. Because it’s already there. And that’s part of being alive. No judgment. No made-up interpretations. Just the truth of how I feel.

Once acknowledged, the next step is to deal with it. Should I berate or forgive myself? Should I be compassionate or judgmental? Should I try to control it or let go? Up to me.

Yes it’s always up to me what I do next.

And that’s the same for you and everybody else.

This is not about what we feel — it’s about how we can sustain our sanity and continue living amidst the emotional baggage.

No. Don’t believe in me yet. You have to experience it yourself.