You Have a Power, And That is to Take Full Responsibility

You can argue all day about who ought to rule our nation. Or how people should treat you. Or who ought to give you opportunities. Or how your parents should raise you.

But in the end, nothing will have changed.

You’re still jobless. You’re still in debt. You’re still brokenhearted and lonely and confused.

Rather than pointing a finger at someone else, take full responsibility.

Take responsibility:

For your happiness.

For how you can impact other people’s lives.

For your well-being.

For how you can optimize yourself.

For your earnings.

For how many opportunities you can create.

For your art.

For how long you can provide value.

For your growth, and for your dreams, and for your freedom.

Nobody can give it. Nobody can change it.

And although genetics, circumstances, and other factors  (parents, culture, etc.) matter at times, for most it’s only you who is in charge.


“Ultimately, man should not ask what the meaning of his life is, but rather must recognize that it is he who is asked. In a word, each man is questioned by life; and he can only answer to life by answering for his own life; to life he can only respond by being responsible.” ― Viktor E. Frankl