Teaching and Becoming

It’s easy to teach others through words. Examples. Demonstrations. Presentations.

Depending on the person, sometimes it works. But sometimes it doesn’t.

The reason is that we all learn differently. Others can easily learn through words, or when someone shows them something. But for others, it’s just a complete waste of time.

If you’re teaching someone for a long time, but not learning what they’re supposed to learn, you’re probably doing it the wrong way.

Try this approach:

Step 1: Start by presenting them with the right amount of information (the only essential information), then stop. Don’t keep adding more.

Step 2: Embody what you teach. Be that person.

Instead of teaching self-discipline, be disciplined.

Instead of teaching them financial management, be really good with money.

Instead of teaching creativity, for god’s sake be creative!

It’s more efficient to do what you’re teaching and then let them see the results. Let them realize you’re right.

This way you’re not forcing them.

The fruits of your actions will be their teacher.