The Most Embarrassing Mistake I Did and What I Learned from a Police Officer

Yesterday, my bicycle was stolen.

Maybe the intruder stole it last night or at dawn.

Either way, it was unbelievable. My housemates have two dogs. That’s enough to scare the thief!

Plus, our landlady — she lives upstairs — assured there weren’t any burglar cases in her premises throughout her life.

Ah! So we were the first victims?

I called my police friend. He advised me to report to the nearest police station. Identify the suspect. Police blotter.

So I did.

But something unexpected happened at the police station.

When I inquired whether it’s legal to just seize my bicycle in case I see it parking on the street — after all, it’s my bike. I am the true owner. I have the right. Why not? — the policeman smirked.

He looked me in the eyes and said that it’s always better to confront the current owner of the bike. He reminded me that I could be wrong. Because it could just be a replica of my bike.

I almost protested. But damn, he was right. Absolutely.

I went home feeling disappointed.

After a few questions from my wife and housemates, I accidentally connected the dots.

Turned out, my bike wasn’t actually stolen!

I left it at the store where I bought rice yesterday. I was such in a hurry I was trying to call someone (because I have an appointment), I walked back home I forgot about the bike.

Good thing, the storekeeper kept it and waited for the right owner to claim.

I was grateful. At the same time, embarrassed. I couldn’t believe it. How could I forget my bike?

Oh god, I was such an idiot. 😀

Greatest bicycle of all time

(Behold, the greatest bike of all time)

What are some of your embarrassing mistakes?

I would love to hear and learn from them, too! Let’s chat.