There Are More Things To Learn, It Never Ends

Deliberate learning has been part of my daily routine since I started reinventing myself. And I believe every person should do it, or at least try, at some point.

Often, I remind myself I’m no expert on anything and there are more things to learn. Even a day without learning anything vital for my craft, or my goals, or my growth as a human being, I’d feel guilty.

Am I obsessed with learning? Maybe.

Here are some self-education strategies that work for me:

  • Read blogs of people I admire every day.
  • Read books (Average 1 to 2 books a month. Hoping to read more).
  • Watch TED talks, School of Life, or other similar videos.
  • Converse with like-minded individuals. Listen.
  • Teach or help people (teaching is learning, yes).
  • Write something (writing is learning, too).
  • Test the things I’ve read. Tinker and experiment.
  • Ask questions or try to answer questions from anyone.
  • Contemplate about things I did recently (usually done on weekends).
  • Challenge my beliefs and other people’s.
  • Watch tutorial YouTube videos.

Though I do these things on a regular basis, I feel like not doing my best to learn. Seems like there are more things I’d love to discover. More things to quench my thirst for knowledge. More life-lessons. More biographies of great people. More compelling stories.

More things to learn, right?

What about you? Are you taking advantage of the Information Age?