What is Causing Our Miseries?

All our miseries are caused by one thing: Mind

I know you wouldn’t believe it. Sounds stupid. It probably is.

But that only proves my point that the mind causes our miseries. Because the mind always works against us.

It is designed that way. From the very beginning. Why? So we can stay alert, survive, and progress.

To the mind, being enough means death. It wants us to be busy. It wants us to keep finding flaws.

Even if nothing’s missing, it will make us believe that there is.

Obviously, the advantage would be progress. Thanks to the mind. We now have technological advancements, and skyscrapers, and a healthcare system.

But there’s also a downside to it. If left unchecked, the mind will slowly ruin us.

Its expectations can become unrealistic. Even its “random idea about something” is enough to keep us unhappy all the time.

Enough to keep us worrying. Envious of others. Unaware of our own reality. All the time.

Something is missing… Not good enough… Not perfect…

One way to let go of our miseries is to not always follow the mind, but learn to let go of some ideas and expectations that the mind created.

To be in control, we must first learn to observe what’s happening in our minds. Are those thoughts true? Or are they just made up?