Everything is in the Present

Your life is happening right now.

Not when you get that promotion.

Not when you get that dream job.

Not when you get that client.

Not when you finish school.

Not when you become a millionaire.

Not when you become famous.

Not when you achieve something.

Stop fantasizing.

Do what you need to do.

Prepare what you need to prepare.

But stay aware that,

Now, the present

Is where you exist.

To live in the present, accept reality as it is.

Learn to live with your existing resources.

And slowly and calmly, improve (if you have to).

Still, stay aware that

Now, the present

Is where you exist.

Because who knows, today might be your last day.

Or this year might be your last year.

Who knows.

All experiences happen in the present.

Whether good or bad, all of them serve a purpose.

Pay attention to what’s actually happening

In front of you.

Do that every single day.

Years from now, you’ll look back and say…

I have lived.