What is Good About This?

A big mistake at work. And now suffering from your boss’s wrath. Ashamed. Worried about the consequences. Because there will be.

A bad business deal with someone. And lost a ton of money. Not mentioning the debts and the bills you need to pay. Plus, you need to explain this to your family.

You didn’t meet the expectations of your customers. Painfully embarrassing. It damages your reputation. You panic. Nothing else to go but downward after all this mess.

All these things can be scary, embarrassing, and damaging — to say the least. A complete shithole. There’s nothing good about them. Nothing!

But that’s just one way to think about it. You can always change your interpretation.

At any given time, you can just change everything with one tweak in your mind.

Ask “What’s good about this (that I haven’t learned yet)?”

It might surprise you that the mistake you did is just that… a mistake, a glitch — it’s only you who attach meanings and interpretations to it.

Those moments of anxiety… most of them are self-inflicted. It’s not the reality. They only happen in your mind. You are creating your own miseries.

Accept what already happened. And take advantage of what you have right now.

Put things in perspective.

(1) figure out what went wrong → (2) forgive yourself → (3) learn from it → (4) move on

You will never be done.

You are always a work in progress.