You’re Alive, Don’t Waste It

The problem is you don’t appreciate your life. You think that you would be happy once you get the promotion. You think that everything will be okay when you have that money. You think that you’re unlucky because you’re not born rich.

I’m not rich and you need not be either.

Haven’t you realized that every time you complain, every time you feel regretful of your past, and every time you hate someone, you waste a small fraction of your time on earth? Imagine majority of your waking hours spent on negativity. Isn’t that wasting time?

Please, don’t waste it.

You are valuable. Wherever you are, whatever your situation is, be grateful and accept it. If you think you did your best, yet failed, that’s okay. Every experience serves a purpose. It makes you stronger. It molds your character. It betters your understanding.

There will be disappointments, frustrations, restlessness, hatred, or any sort of negativity — all of them are part of life.

And it’s normal to get lost at times.

My point is to practice catching yourself being in the negative zone. Catch yourself and pivot towards the present moment. What do you have right now that you should be thankful for?

Be thankful, you’re still alive.