It Starts With How We Think

Many people follow what financial experts say: Invest in cryptocurrency, accrue assets, find different sources of income, financial freedom, and on and on. I don’t say that it’s bad. But I’m skeptical. I find it deceiving. It makes us think that if we’re not following them, we’re not being wise, or worse we’re living life … Continue Reading →


Because It’s Not the End of the World

The tea spilled in the plastic bag as I rode back home. I wonder why it’s brown, “Oh it was mocha, not matcha tea!” It was supposedly tea. I told them matcha (not mocha, whatever). The cashier even confirmed it was matcha tea before I made the order. How come they made that mistake? Crap. I … Continue Reading →


The Regular Guy: In Defense of Being a Regular Person

My boss startled as I said, “I’m Jade. I’m just a regular guy,” while introducing myself in front of my coworkers. She interrupted. Everyone laughed. But I was unstoppable. I continued my introduction. “I’m the new writer here and… uh, just a regular guy.” She frowned and whispered, “What you say is what your mind says.” … Continue Reading →


Life in 3 Hours (Everyone is Trying to Survive)

They lost the key of their trolley case. My younger sisters were worried. But I wanted to comfort them, so I said father can find a way to unlock the case without the key. They were relieved. Then they bid goodbye. Thanks for spending time with me, ladies. The Aspiring Psychometrician After escorting my sisters … Continue Reading →


You May Think You’re Stuck, But the World Keeps Moving

Most of us feel stuck at some point in life. But I wonder, are we really stuck? We can all agree that even though we feel stuck, the world keeps moving. Life goes on for everyone. So here’s my hypothesis: We are not actually stuck — but moving towards a direction not aligned with our … Continue Reading →


For Content Creators: What Are We Doing?

At Medium, everyone has an opinion of good vs. evil, big picture vs. small picture, perspective 1 vs. perspective 2, and on and on. Read the comment section here. It’s interesting, I must say. I love that kind of commotion. Brains clashing together. But what saddens me is the fact that we spend a lot … Continue Reading →


Lurking on Social Media isn’t the Solution if you Want to Make Things Happen

Meet Tony. Tony earns a pretty good salary. He’s 28, married and has two little kids. Tony wants to start a business. But it seems that he doesn’t have time and energy to make that happen. He’s busy with work and family. Every night he logs in on Facebook sharing his plans on starting a … Continue Reading →


The Pursuit of Status: Why We Keep Doing Things to Be Liked and Accepted

Almost everything we do stems from our need to be liked and accepted by others. Here are a few examples: We pursue a career our parents chose for us (even though we hate it). We buy cars or gadgets or stuff we don’t actually need to impress our peers or people we don’t even know. We … Continue Reading →