Awareness and Healing

You didn’t wish to be born.

Didn’t choose your parents. Didn’t choose your race.

But here you are…

With your own personality, preferences, ideas, and beliefs.

Unique in your own way.

But there’s one problem — you’re not proud of who you are.

You are shy, afraid, and anxious to show others your true self.

That’s because you’ve been mistreated for a very long time.

Every time you express your true self, you’re judged.

Every time you tell the truth, you’re scolded.

Every time you test your ridiculous ideas, you’re mocked.

Over time, you realize that being your authentic self is bullshit.

And pleasing your parents and society is better.

Yes, it wounded you. And now you’re struggling.

Still, you have to pull yourself together.

Accept that you’re wounded. That you’ve become a fractured soul.

That’s where the awareness comes in.

And with that awareness, opens you to the path of healing.

It won’t change what happened.

But awareness is the starting point.

Denying is the opposite.

Because even though you don’t have control over your origin or your traumatic experiences, the healing is on your part.

Healing is your responsibility.

Reconnect with your true self.

Who are you when you’re not trying to please others?

Who are you when nobody’s watching?

Prioritize your inner peace.

Heal yourself like it’s the end of the world.