Beware, Information Explosion

Thanks to the Internet. We now have access to an endless stream of information.

Sounds good? Yes and No.

It’s good because we can easily find the right information we need to inform ourselves.

But it becomes not good when we lose control of our consumption. The mind has only limited capacity. It is not designed to know every single thing happening in the world.

The best thing we can do is minimize the information we receive.

Yes, it’s counterituitive. But that is now our job. And it’s becoming more important than ever.

If we don’t limit our access to information, we will end up mentally exhausted over time.

That’s not the kind of life we’d like to live.

What to Do?

I can relate if you’re experiencing it right now — bombarded with information you can’t decide whether or not they’re important.

Get yourself together. Take a deep breath. It’s not the end of the world. Not yet. Truth is, there’s a way to limit your consumption.


  • Choose only one medium of information. Either a computer, tablet, TV, or smartphone.
  • Set time limit for using Internet.
  • Schedule when to use social media or other information channels. Try Cold Turkey.
  • Install News Feed Eradicator. Or BlockSite.
  • Don’t use a smartphone. Switch to a basic phone instead.

Maybe it’s easy for me to say those things, because I don’t own a smartphone.

But here’s the thing: I also know people who are taking steps to minimize their consumption. Some have even gone extreme like deleting their social media accounts. It’s admirable.

Point is, we have a choice. It’s possible.

And who cares whether it’s a permanent or temporary solution. Any action that helps us minimize information consumption can already make a huge difference in the long run.

Keep trying.