“Problems” and How We Interpret Them

All problems you have right now can be solved.

Even the biggest problem you imagine, there’s always a solution to that.

Of course, everybody knows there’s always a solution.

Where most of us differ is how we interpret these problems.

Two groups of people:

  • Group 1: People interpret problems as a challenge for them to learn and grow.
  • Group 2: People interpret problems as misfortune and just need to be solved ASAP.

If you’re in the group 1 camp, you’d think about problems as a “challenge” that is often unavoidable or normal. Their purpose is to teach you something that is necessary for your growth. And so you want to dive into them.

If you’re in group 2, however, you’d think about problems as nothing else but a “nuisance”. They have no purpose other than to slow you down. And so you want to get rid of them real quick.

Neither of these interpretations is bad or good. There’ll be situations where you’re in either group 1 or group 2.

The goal isn’t all about finding a solution every time there’s a problem. But also, in determining what attitude you’ll need in dealing with it.

Your interpretation can make a huge difference to what choice you make.

Researching for a solution is a choice. But asking for help or ignoring are also choices.

Pick one that suits you best at that moment. Pay attention to what gives you peace of mind.

Because in the end, it’s all about inner peace. That’s all we want.