His Name is Fear

Some people don’t realize that there’s a force keeping them from doing the things they love, or things that matter to them.

Though others realize it, they are in denial. They make excuses. They keep themselves busy. They want to forget. They don’t want to talk about it.

Have you ever wondered why it’s hard to do that one thing we really love? Why it’s hard to be our true selves? Why it’s hard to say the truth? Who’s behind that?

His name is Fear. 

And he is slowly killing our dreams.

When we see people doing the things they love or things that seem impossible, we are inspired. They go skydiving. They climb the Himalayas. They embark a journey, traveling across the globe. They invent something for humanity. They connect with people and spread their ideas hoping it would help improve the planet.

We’re inspired by them not only because they’re doing it, but because deep down our hearts, we are them.

We share the same aspirations — to do something bold, do the things we love, do extraordinary things that no one ever has dared to do. All of us desire to leave a legacy. But until we decide to take action despite the fear, our aspirations remain stories untold.

We only have one life. Whatever we love to do, we should do it now. Dance with fear and move forward. The world is waiting for more inspiring stories.

I’ve already started mine. When will you?