Whatever Your Priorities, Be Like Water

When was the last time I question myself about my priorities? I couldn’t remember. The past days, it’s like whirlwind: Get those things done. Run an errand. Help a friend in need. Write music. Sleep at least 7 hours. Declutter the room. Write. Read. Fix a broken thing in the house. Meditate. Exercise. Finish more tasks.

I know my plate is full. No matter how I manage my time, other important things pop in and I have to deal with them. It’s stressful. And frustrating.

Most self-help blogs would say: List down the top 3 or 5 things you need to deal today and focus on them.

What if there are more than 5 important things? Is that bad?

Truth is, we have different situations. You may plan and organize your day the way self-help gurus advice, but the outcome will never be the same the way you expected it.

What’s the alternative?

Flow like a water.

That’s what Bruce Lee said. Live and embrace what life offers, let go of attachments, be receptive, and don’t interfere with how nature works.

Author Leo Babauta also wrote,

“Be flexible. Be like water, flowing around obstacles rather than trying to push them out of your way.”

I agree that we have to live with intention and purpose. It’s better to be proactive rather than reactive. Author Benjamin Hardy highly suggests using a solid morning routine so we can stay on track with the things that matter to us. I’ve been doing it.

But let’s be honest, even a solid morning routine isn’t hundred percent solid (maybe for others, it is). Adversities sometimes bushwhack. And we’re off-guard.

Rule of Thumb: Set your priorities, but don’t fixate on your projected outcome. When things gone haywire and ruin your schedule, be flexible, adapt, and quickly — or slowly — pivot towards the direction you intend to be.

Be like water my friend.

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Jade Panugan

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